Tithe Barn policy and procedures

Effective from 11 May 2020

1 Introduction

This webpage contains the current policies adopted by the Tithe Barn Management Committee and the Trustees of the Fitzhead Tithe Barn Charity.

The Fitzhead Tithe Barn is leased to the Tithe Barn Management Committee and The Fitzhead Parish Council by the Diocese of Bath & Wells under a Lease Agreement dated 11 May 1984 which runs for a period of 56 years (ie until 2040). The Lease Agreement shall take precedence over this document if there is any matter of interpretation between them.

The Lease requires that the Tithe Barn is used as a Village Hall and made as accessible as possible “for use by the inhabitants of the Parish of Fitzhead without distinction of political, religious or other opinions including use for meetings, lectures and classes and for other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the village”.

The Tithe Barn Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the TBMC) will review and document any amendments to the policies contained in this Statement annually at the TBMC AGM or at such earlier time as there is reason to suspect that it is no longer valid or there has been a significant change in the matters to which it relates.

2 Governance

The Fitzhead Tithe Barn is a Registered Charity No 900094. The TBMC acts on behalf of the Trustees of the Fitzhead Tithe Barn Charity to manage the Tithe Barn as the village hall and it is responsible for ensuring compliance with The Charities Act and the Lease Agreement by keeping the premises and its fixtures and fittings in good repair and condition.

Elected members of the TBMC are also registered Trustees of the Fitzhead Tithe Barn Charity with the Charity Commission.

The TBMC shall, where possible, consist of four elected members from the Community, and four representative members from:

  • The Parish Council
  • The Parochial Church Council
  • Fitzhead Cricket Club
  • Fitzhead Events Group

and may include not more than three co-opted members. The proceedings of the TBMC shall not be invalidated by any failure to appoint or by any defect in the appointment election, or qualification of any member.

The TMBC and Trustees of The Fitzhead Tithe Barn currently are:

  • Ian Coombes, Chair, representative member of the Parish Council
  • Mandy Bool, Secretary, member of the Community
  • Ian Coombes, Treasurer, representative member of the Fitzhead Events Group
  • Jo Webb, Trustee, representative member of the Fitzhead Events Group
  • Scott Burton, Trustee, member of the Community
  • Roger Mitchinson, Trustee, member of the Community
  • John Murphy, Trustee, member of the Community

It has not currently been possible to appoint representative members from The Parochial Church Council or Fitzhead Cricket Club.

2.1 Responsibilities of TBMC

The TBMC recognise that it is their responsibility to:

  • act in accordance of this document and the law – being aware of the provisions of this document and those of the relevant law
  • act in the best interest of the TMBC/Charity – considering what is best for the TMBC/Charity and its beneficiaries and avoiding bringing it into disrepute
  • manage conflicts of interest effectively – registering, declaring and resolving conflicts of interest and, in particular, making no personal material gain unless specifically authorised to do so
  • respect confidentiality – understanding what confidentiality means in practice for the TMBC/Charity and the individuals involved with it
  • have a sound and up-to-date knowledge of the TMBC/Charity and its environment – understanding how the TMBC/Charity works and the wider context within which it operates
  • attend meetings and other appointments or give apologies – considering other ways of engaging with the TMBC/Charity if regularly unable to attend meetings
  • prepare fully for meetings – reading papers, querying anything that is not understood and thinking through issues in good time before meetings
  • actively engage in discussion, debate and voting in meetings – contributing positively, listening carefully, challenging sensitively and avoiding conflict
  • act jointly and accept a majority decision – making decisions collectively, standing by them and not acting individually unless specifically authorised to do so
  • work considerately and respectfully with all – respecting diversity and different roles and boundaries and avoiding giving offence

2.2 AGM

The AGM will be held no later than 3 months from the end of the financial year. At least 14 days public notice of the meeting shall be given in conspicuous places around the village, and in the Village Magazine, on the Village website and social media as applicable.

The Chair shall present to the AGM an annual report for the preceding year. The reporting year is from 1 June to 31 May. Sufficient copies of the annual report will be available at the AGM for members of the public. Following the AGM, the annual report will be displayed in the Tithe Barn in a place where it can conveniently be read by users of the premises, and on the village website.

All members of the TBMC shall retire from office together at the AGM but they may be re-elected or re-appointed.

All inhabitants (over the age of 18) in the Parish of Fitzhead are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.
A copy of the latest version of this document will be given to all TBMC members on their election/appointment to the Committee, and to all relevant staff and volunteers.

All matters shall be determined by majority vote. The Chair of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

All meetings must have a Quorum of no less than one-third of Committee members.

2.3 Election of officers and division of responsibilities

At the AGM each year, the TBMC shall elect the following Officers from among their members, and the responsibilities shall be divided as follows:


  1. Calling and chairing meetings.
  2. Liaison with Parish Council and PCC and the fete Committee and being Point of Contact with Village re refurbishment.
  3. TBMC Compliance with Trustee and Charity Commission requirements.
  4. Ensuring Compliance with all regulations and ensuring annual review is undertaken.


  1. Monthly invoicing and reconciliation with bank.
  2. Payment of invoices/bills.
  3. Membership of CCS.
  4. Researching & initiating annual renewal for Insurance, Electricity, Broadband, Water, TV licence, PRS.
  5. Hire charges.
  6. Providing regular Financial reports to TBMC for meetings, or as required.
  7. Point of contact for project refurb and monitoring project expenditure.
  8. Lead on Fundraising applications.


  1. Complying with requirements of Charity Commission and submitting all proper statements of account in relation to the Charity in accordance with their requirements.
  2. Agreeing and circulating Agenda, taking and circulating Minutes, and filing of Minutes and related paperwork in Minute Book.
  3. Keeping a file of all agreed TMBC Policies and log of annual reviews/checks.
  4. Keeping a file of all the regulatory documents including all Acre village Hall helpsheets/guidelines
  5. TBMC Correspondence with third parties.
  6. Promotion and publicity, website information, village communications.
  7. Village Hallmark (once refurb done).


To actively participate in, and take responsibility for, the day to day running of the Tithe Barn, including:

  1. Overseeing work of the Booking Secretary/cleaner (including HMSO employee requirements)
  2. All matters relating to hiring the hall including Conditions of Hire (ensuring that TBMC agreed Policies and Insurance requirements are incorporated) and booking form, including considering Online Booking
  3. Maintaining inventory of all items in the hall
  4. Purchasing/replacement of equipment
  5. Day-to-day maintenance (organising contractors etc), ie replacing lightbulbs, etc
  6. Advising and documenting TBMC policy re regulations for:
    1. First aid
    2. Health & Safety
    3. Fire regs
    4. Updating Notices and Instructions displayed in TB

3 Financial management and procedures

3.1 Responsibilities

The TBMC is responsible for:

  • safeguarding the assets of the charity
  • preventing fraud
  • avoiding mistakes
  • keeping financial records in accordance with the governing document and relevant legislation (e.g. Charities Acts, Companies Acts etc)
  • maintain acceptable financial records acceptable to the Charity Commission

To enable the TBMC to carry out these responsibilities, the Financial Procedures detailed below must be followed at all times by all TBMC members, staff and volunteers.

A copy of this document will be given to all TBMC members on their election/appointment to the Committee, and to all relevant staff and volunteers.

3.2 Financial procedures

3.2.1 Organisational information

  • the Tithe Barn financial year runs from 1 June to 31 May
  • name of bankers – NatWest

3.2.2 Bank accounts

  1. All bank accounts must be in the name of the organisation.
  2. No account may ever be opened in the name of an individual or individuals.
  3. New accounts may only be opened by a decision of the Tithe Barn Management Committee, which must be minuted.
  4. Changes to the bank mandate may only be made by a decision of the Tithe Barn Management Committee, which must be minuted.
  5. Authorised signatories of online banking accounts are shown below. Two signatures are required for cheque payments.
  6. Payments must be approved by at least 2 authorised signatories, and are made by Direct Debit or by bank transfers or by cheque on receipt of invoice.
  7. 2 people should be involved in counting cash receipts.
  8. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring accuracy and completeness prior to transmission.
  9. Blank cheques must never be signed.

3.2.3 Authorised signatories to the bank accounts

  1. Ian Coombes, Chair.
  2. Ian Coombes, Treasurer.
  3. Mandy Bool, Secretary.
  4. Jo Webb, Deputy Chair.

3.2.4 Annual budget

An annual budget, setting out the financial plan for the following year, will be prepared in advance of the AGM so that the TBMC can approve it at its annual AGM. The budget will be prepared by the Chair and the Treasurer.

3.2.5 Financial reports

  1. The Treasurer will prepare a current financial report for every TBMC meeting.
  2. The financial report will show current income and expenditure at the date of the meeting including bank balances and debtors if any.
  3. Each Financial Report will be circulated to all TBMC members and discussed at the committee meeting.

3.2.6 Accounting and other financial records

The Treasurer maintains an Excel spreadsheet which records:

  • invoices issued and payments received and banked
  • invoices received and payments made
  • overdue receipts or payments
  • future receipts or payments due

The Treasurer will reconcile all transactions on a monthly basis against Bank Statements downloaded from the online banking accounts.

  1. Every transaction will be entered into the Excel spreadsheet and will include:
    • the date of the transaction
    • the name of the person money was received from or paid to and the full amount
    • a brief description of why the money was received or paid
    • an analysis of each amount under its relevant budget heading, where applicable
  2. All physical documents relating to receipts and payments will be filed in the month they are input into the system.
  3. A regular backup copy of the Excel spreadsheet will be taken, and a copy transferred electronically to the Chair.

3.2.7 Payment/expenditure

  1. The entire TBMC must approve any expenditure over £200.
  2. All expenditure under £200 must be approved by 2 authorised signatories and confirmed by email to all committee members.
  3. No member of the TBMC may authorise payment to themselves, their partner or relatives, with the exception of The Treasurer who is authorised to reimburse any approved expenditure made by him/her on behalf of the committee.
  4. Once payment has been made the physical invoice (or other receipt) should be marked ‘Paid’, together with the payment method and date and filed.
  5. All known due payments must be entered on the Excel spreadsheet and its paid status marked.

3.2.8 Receipts and invoices

  1. The Booking Secretary will require all hirers of the Tithe Barn to sign a Booking Form and Conditions of Hire, and will pass the signed forms to the Treasurer on a monthly basis. The Treasurer will raise a numbered invoice and send it to the hirer for payment.
  2. All invoiced receipts must be entered on the Excel spreadsheet and its paid status marked.
  3. The Treasurer will chase late payments of invoices and report any debtors to the TBMC on a regular basis.

3.2.9 Hire charges and deposits

The TBMC will approve, publish and keep under review a Schedule of Charges for the hire of the premises . The Schedule will make provision for Church use, a Village rate, a higher non-village rate and a commercial rate.

The Village rate is payable:

  • where the hirer is resident within the Parish of Fitzhead and is not hiring the premises for business purposes, or
  • where the event or function is substantially for the benefit of Parish residents and is not a commercial hiring

Hire charges must be paid within 7 days of invoice. Notice of any cancellation of a booking must be given to the Bookings Secretary not less than one calendar month before the booked date. Where shorter notice is given, the TBMC consider it reasonable to charge the full hire rate, save in exceptional circumstances.

The Bookings Secretary has discretion to require a breakages and damage deposit at the time of booking. Such a deposit is refundable, save where the TBMC decide that all or part of the sum deposited needs to be retained to defray costs incurred by the Charity by way of replacements, repairs or cleaning arising from the hirer’s use of the premises.

3.2.10 Licences

The TBMC, will hold the following licences:

  • a Music Licence which allows users to legally play music through the radio, TV, other digital devices and live performances. The Music Licence is displayed on the Notice Board in the Tithe Barn
  • if users intend to sell alcohol, they are responsible for obtaining a Temporary Event Notice from Somerset West and Taunton Council.

The TBMC will take every reasonable step to protect these licences, recognising their value in generating income for the Charity. In particular, the TBMC will, through their Conditions of Hire, Bar Rules and otherwise, ensure that hirers and users of the Fitzhead Tithe Barn are aware of their legal obligations under these licences.

4 Risk management

4.1 Insurance

The TBMC will insure the Fitzhead Tithe Barn building and its contents therein to their full value against fire, theft and other usual risks and also to insure against risks arising out of the ownership of property and the employment of persons, including Employer’s Liability and Public Liability insurance and Legal Assistance.

An inventory of all physical assets of the Tithe Barn will be kept and regularly updated and a copy will be held by the Secretary.

The TMBC is not responsible for the personal belongings of Hirers.

4.2 Conditions of hire

The TBMC will approve, publish and thereafter keep under review the conditions to be observed by hirers of the Fitzhead Tithe Barn. The Conditions of Hire will be designed to:

  • minimise any risk to persons using the premises
  • protect the assets of the Charity by minimising any risk of damage to the building and its fixtures, fittings and contents
  • protect the TBMC from liability for breaches of the law by hirers
  • provide relevant information for hirers

In particular, the Conditions of Hire will:

  • set out the fire precautions to be observed by hirers of the premises and contain a requirement that sufficient stewards be made available by hirers to ensure that those precautions are observed
  • make clear the capacity of the building in various configurations and contain a requirement that the relevant capacity must not be exceeded
  • identify the locations of electricity and water cut-offs
  • regulate the use of portable electrical appliances brought on to the premises
  • require that accidents on the premises be recorded and identify the location of the first aid box and accident report book
  • require that hirers organising public activities and events for children and vulnerable adults ensure that suitably qualified, fit and proper persons are present
  • require that hirers comply with relevant food safety legislation and good kitchen practice
  • contain provision for the grant of permission to hirers to sell or supply alcohol under the Management Committee’s premises licence and, by reference to its Bar Rules or otherwise, regulate such sale or supply
  • prohibit smoking on the premises

The booking secretary plays an important role in implementing the health and safety policy. For first-time hirers the provision of a written hiring agreement alone is not enough: the booking secretary should draw the hirer’s attention to the following points:

  • the health and safety requirements in the hiring agreement and the health and safety policy and file
  • the location of the: first aid box, safety notices, fire exits, firefighting equipment
  • the evacuation procedure
  • if they are using particular facilities, attention should be drawn to any particular requirements (such as the need for portable amplification equipment to be PAT tested) and the need to report any faults or damage and to whom

4.3 Health and Safety Policy

4.3.1 General statement of policy

  1. It is the policy of the TBMC to provide healthy and safe working conditions, equipment and systems of work for TBMC members, hirers, users and other visitors.
  2. The TBMC undertake to carry out a Health and Safety Risk Assessment on a regular basis to identify potential hazards and identify a plan to manage those risks. The TBMC will discuss the Risk Assessment at meetings and Minute the agreed action plan. A copy of this action plan will be posted on the Notice Board in the Tithe Barn.
  3. Keep the village hall and equipment in a safe condition for all users.
  4. Provide such advice and information as is necessary for Management Committee members, hirers, users and other visitors.
  5. It is the intention of the TBMC to comply with all relevant Health and Safety legislation and to act positively where it can reasonably do so to prevent injury, ill health or any danger arising from its activities and operations.
  6. The TBMC considers the promotion of the health and safety of those who use its premises, including contractors who may work there, to be of great importance. The TBMC recognises that the effective prevention of accidents depends as much on a committed attitude of mind to safety as on the operation and maintenance of equipment and safe systems of work.
  7. To this end, the TBMC will encourage its members, hirers, users and other visitors to engage in the establishment and observance of safe working and other practices.
  8. Hirers, users and other visitors will be expected to recognise that there is a duty on them to comply with the practices set out by the TBMC, with all safety requirements set out in the Hiring Agreement and with safety notices on the premises and to accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves or others.

4.3.2 Organisation of Health and Safety

The TBMC has overall responsibility for health and safety at the Fitzhead Tithe Barn and takes day to day responsibility for the implementation of this policy.

It is the duty of all hirers, users and other visitors to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their activities and to co-operate with the Management Committee in keeping the premises safe and healthy.

It is the responsibility of hirers to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect the well-being of the disabled, children and vulnerable adults.

Should anyone using the hall come across a fault, damage or other situation which might cause injury and cannot be rectified immediately they should inform the Chair or the Bookings Secretary, as soon as possible so that the problem can be dealt with. Health and Safety file and accident book

The Secretary will keep a health and safety file in which all the key documents relating to health and safety matters are kept, along with the Accident Book (halls are required to inform their insurers of any accident or incident and should therefore keep records, which may be useful in the event of any claim). Accident records must be kept for eight years.

This health and safety file must be accessible to all contractors working on site (eg electricians, window cleaners, builders, etc) as well as any employees and volunteers. (This is particularly important where contractors might, for example, hit electricity cables etc). Key documents include:

  • a copy of the hall’s health and safety policy
  • risk assessment surveys and records
  • a copy of the fire evacuation procedure
  • electrical and gas safety certificates
  • reporting of accidents, disease and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995 (RIDDOR) forms
  • a copy of a plan of the building (see Appendix C) or drawings showing the location of services such as electrical cables, gas mains, water pipes, overhead power lines and drains within the boundary of the property as well as within the building itself

Where equipment is damaged or otherwise faulty a notice should be placed on it warning that it is not to be used and the Chair or the Bookings Secretary informed as soon as possible.

The following persons have responsibility for specific items:

  • First Aid box: The Secretary
  • reporting of Accidents: The Secretary
  • fire precautions and checks: Chair
  • Risk Assessment and Inspections: Chair
  • information to contractors: Treasurer
  • information to hirers: Trustees
  • insurance: Treasurer

A plan of the hall is included at Appendix C showing the location of electricity switch room, emergency exits and fire doors, and fire extinguishers.

Fire alarms are installed in the kitchen and mezzanine areas.

4.3.3 Arrangements and procedures Fire precautions and checks

The Chair will arrange for a Fire Risk Assessment to be undertaken annually, and will implement the findings in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The results of the risk assessment and any resulting actions will be minuted to make sure that the whole committee are consulted and informed with regard to fire safety matters but in particular:

  • provide appropriate instruction in the use of equipment
  • ensure the committee are aware of any risks identified and the measures taken to reduce the risk
  • ensure the committee are aware of any proposals for improving fire precautions
  • the presence of dangerous substances and the risk to users of the premises
  • the agreed system for contacting the emergency services and evacuating the building if necessary
  • to ensure that the committee co-operate with each other to keep the hall safe from fire and its effects and do not do anything that places themselves, other people or the hall at risk

The TBMC will co-operate with the appointed person to ensure that the hall and its users are safe from fire and its effects.

Ensure that the hall and necessary fire protection equipment is maintained in an efficient state and in good working order and repair by a competent person and in accordance with any manufacturer’s instructions – for example:

  1. gas appliances and portable electrical appliances used on the premises are tested annually by a duly qualified person
  2. the mains electrical installation is tested annually by a duly qualified person
  3. fire-fighting appliances are inspected annually under contract with the supplier
  4. the fire alarms are tested regularly, and defects remedied
  5. the emergency lighting system is tested regularly, and defects remedied
  6. that other regular maintenance checks are conducted, defects remedied, and equipment deemed unsafe or unfit for purpose taken out of service
  7. that arrangements are made for the building and its contents to be cleaned regularly, that the quality of the cleaning is inspected periodically and that any defects are remedied Fire safety notices and plans for users

Fire Safety Notices to be displayed in the Tithe Barn are shown at Appendix E.

Notices are positioned so that they can be easily seen and understood and where necessary provide the following information:

  • instructions on how to use any fire safety equipment
  • the actions to be taken in event of fire
  • help for fire and rescue services eg location of electrical cut-off switches

Person with responsibility for testing equipment and keeping logbook: The Secretary

Location of service record: Kitchen Checking equipment, fittings and services
  • weekly: door mats and stops, clocks, toilets, water heaters, accident book, fridges, outside lights, emergency lighting, fire doors, all lights, dishwasher, torch, water boilers and fire alarm
  • monthly: First Aid Box, ladders and steps, locks and sockets
  • half yearly: diffusers, window cleaning, outside gutters
  • yearly: Fire extinguishers, electrical certificate, water heaters, chimney swept Procedures in case of accidents

Call 999

The location of the Fitzhead Tithe Barn:
Church Road
Fitzhead TA4 3JT
Grid Reference: 311934.128365

Wi-Fi network name: TNCAP717EF9
Wi-Fi password 473EC13906

The location of the nearest hospital Accident and Emergency/Casualty dept:
Musgrove Park Hospital,
Parkfield Drive,
Taunton TA1 5DA:
Hospital Switchboard: 01823 333444

The location and telephone number for the nearest doctor’s surgery:
Lister House Surgery
Croft Way
phone: 01984 623471 Food preparation

The TBMC accepts no responsibility for the preparation of food on the premises. Those hiring the hall and anyone preparing, or handling food or drink are responsible for safety and hygiene precautions and they must comply with the relevant regulations. Guidance on providing food at community and charity events is given at Appendix D.

Any caterer, whether an organisation or an individual, is responsible for ensuring the safety of the food served and that all legislative requirements are met. The same applies to the operator of a bar, a shop or stall supplying food. First Aid Box

A First Aid Box is provided. The contents will be checked weekly and items replaced as required. Many items, particularly sterile ones, are marked with expiry dates and these need to be replaced by the dates given.

There must be a notice in the entrance lobby giving the location of the first aid box.

Contents of the first aid box are shown at Appendix F.

The person responsible for keeping this up to date is The Secretary

The accident book is kept in the kitchen. This must be completed whenever an accident occurs.

Any accident must be reported to the Chair of the Management Committee.

The person responsible for completing RIDDOR forms and reporting accidents in accordance with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 is the Chair. Safety rules

All hirers will be expected to read the whole of the hiring agreement and should sign the hiring form as evidence that they agree to the hiring conditions.

The hiring agreement states that all statutory or local regulations and rules for public safety must be strictly observed by hirers and fire and safety equipment must not be misused or removed from its designated location. Fire and other exits must not be obstructed. Illuminated fire exit signs must be on for all public entertainment. Contractors

The TBMC will check with contractors (including self- employed persons) before they start work that:

  • the contract is clear and understood by both the contractors and the Committee
  • the contractors are competent to carry out the work (eg have appropriate qualifications, references, experience)
  • contractors have adequate public liability insurance cover
  • contractors have seen the health and safety file and are aware of any hazards which might arise (eg electricity cables or gas pipes)
  • contractors do not work alone on ladders at height (if necessary, a volunteer should be present)
  • contractors have their own health and safety policy for their staff
  • the contractor knows which member of the committee is responsible for overseeing that their work is as asked and to a satisfactory standard
  • any alterations or additions to the electrical installations or equipment must conform to the current regulations or the Institute of Electrical Engineers Code of Practice Insurance

Company providing the hall’s Employer’s Liability and Public Liability insurance cover:

  • Allied Westminster Village Guard:
    Policy No VH 88/0047440/BS59986
  • date of renewal is on 24 December every year Advice on Health and Safety

Health and Safety Executive, Somerset West and Taunton Council,
phone: 0300 304 8000

4.4 Children and vulnerable adults

As a general principle, it is undesirable for TBMC and volunteers acting on behalf of the TBMC to have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults unless they have received appropriate training. The TBMC will take seriously any allegation of abuse or inappropriate behaviour towards a child or vulnerable adult and will deal with it speedily and appropriately.

The TBMC will endeavour to keep the premises safe for use by children and vulnerable adults. The TBMC recognise that a higher standard of safety is required where the Fitzhead Tithe Barn is used by small children, those who cannot read safety notices and physically disabled adults.

Any organisation or individual hiring the premises for the purpose of activities for which Ofsted registration is required will be required to produce evidence of their registration, together with their Child Protection Policy, on booking. Hirers are expected to use safe recruitment processes to appoint staff, including volunteers, who will be working with children or vulnerable adults.

5 Data Protection

5.1 General principles

The TBMC recognise the obligations of the TBMC as a ‘data controller’ under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations to protect ‘personal data’ (information relating to an identified or identifiable person, including photographs). In discharging their functions, the TBMC will observe the eight data protection principles set out in the Act. These require that personal data shall be:

  1. processed fairly and lawfully and, in particular, shall not be processed unless the ‘data subject’ (the individual whose personal data is held) has consented to the processing or the processing is for contractual or other legal purposes.
  2. obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purposes and shall not be processed in any manner incompatible with those purposes.
  3. adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to those purposes.
  4. accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date. 
  5. not kept for longer than is necessary.
  6. processed in accordance with the rights of ‘data subjects’ under the Act.
  7. kept secure by the ‘data controller’, who must take appropriate technical and other measures to prevent unauthorised or unlawful processing or accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal information.
  8. not transferred to a country or territory outside the European Economic Area unless that country or territory ensures an adequate level of protection for the rights and freedoms of ‘data subjects’ in relation to the processing of personal information.

5.2 Use of personal data

The TBMC will use personal data for the purposes of managing the village hall, its bookings and its finances, marketing and running events at the hall and general fund-raising activities. For the most part, such data will be confined to the contact details (names, postal and email addresses and telephone numbers) of hirers and potential hirers, contractors, TBMC and other volunteers, although the dates of birth of TBMC are also required purely for Charity Commission purposes and are held exclusively by the Chair of the TMBC. For the avoidance of any doubt, the TBMC will seek the consent of ‘data subjects’ for use of their data for these purposes.

The TBMC will not use personal data for any purposes other than those outlined above without the express written consent of the ‘data subject’, save in the unlikely event that they are required to do so by law. The TBMC envisage that there may be circumstances in which they may be asked to share personal data with other non-commercial groups and organisations benefitting the residents of the Parish of Fitzhead. In the event that such circumstances arise, the TBMC will also seek the written consent of those whose personal data they hold.

An individual may withdraw either or both these consents at any time.

5.3 Storage and security of personal data

The TBMC holds personal data electronically on computers and mobile devices and in manual files, lists and other paper records. Data held electronically will be password protected, while paper files and other paper-based records will be kept in a secure location.

Access to personal data held by the TBMC will be restricted to TBMC and to other volunteers authorised by the TBMC. The TBMC will ensure that laptop computers and other portable electronic devices (including mobile telephones) and paper files and other paper-based records are not left insecure or unattended and, if carried in a vehicle, are kept out of sight. Under no circumstances will electronic devices or paper records containing personal data be kept in a motor vehicle overnight.

Personal information will not be given out on the telephone if there is any doubt about the caller’s identity. In those circumstances, the TBMC will require the caller to make his or her enquiry in writing.

The TBMC will consider whether any personal data contained in email messages – whether incoming or outgoing – needs to be retained. If retention is required, the relevant message should either be stored in a separate folder or printed and stored securely as a ‘hard copy’ with the electronic version deleted. Email messages containing personal data that do not need to be retained should be deleted from all folders (including the ‘deleted items’ or ‘trash’ folder).

When sending emails addressed to more than one individual, the TBMC will ensure that every person to whom the message is being copied has consented to his or her email address being disclosed to the other recipients. Where there is any doubt, the ‘blind copy’ facility will be used.

Personal data held for accounts purposes will be retained by the Treasurer for 7 years. Data held for other purposes will be kept for no longer than is necessary for those purposes (unless the TBMC’ insurers require otherwise). This means, for example, that the Treasurer is likely to continue to hold the personal data of regular hirers for so long as they remain regular users of the village hall. On the other hand, the personal data of individuals making hiring enquiries will be destroyed as soon as it becomes apparent that they are not, in the event, seeking to enter into a hiring agreement.

The TBMC will provide an accident record book that is compliant with current data protection legislation. This will be checked regularly by the Secretary to the TBMC.

5.4 Rights of ‘data subjects’

Individuals have a right to make a request to the TBMC in order to find out whether the TBMC holds their personal data and, if so, where it is held, the purposes for which it is used, to have it corrected if it is wrong, to prevent any use which is causing them damage or distress, to stop marketing information being sent to them or to have their data erased from the Committee’s records. Such a request must be addressed in writing to the Chair of the TBMC – email tithebarn@fitzhead.com. The TBMC are obliged to deal with the request within 30 days but will first require photographic evidence of the identity of the individual making the request, such as a driving licence or passport, together with documentary confirmation of their current postal address, such as a recent utility bill.

6 Equal opportunities

The TBMC will discharge their obligations as such without discrimination, direct or indirect, against any person on the grounds of his or her ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, political affiliation, disability or age, save where discrimination on the grounds of disability or age can be objectively justified.

Any complaint of discrimination will be taken seriously and will be dealt with speedily and appropriately.

7 The environment

The TBMC will ensure that its activities are undertaken with due regard for the need to conserve and protect the environment. In particular, the TBMC will seek to:

  • make the most efficient use of energy, endeavouring to use the minimum quantities of energy possible in accordance with the safe and efficient operation of its heating, lighting, plant and machinery and, from time to time, reviewing its energy sources, energy using appliances and energy efficiency with a view to causing the least environmental impact
  • minimise and, where possible, eliminate all forms of pollution, using biodegradable chemicals where practicable and minimising use of solvents and lead-based paints
  • use the minimum quantities of water possible, seeking to eliminate excessive or unnecessary use and minimising leakage
  • avoid waste and encourage the appropriate conservation, re-use and recycling of materials
  • assess and minimise the potential environmental impact of any building projects, including the adoption of designs and methods of construction which make best use of resources, including using building materials from sustainable sources

8 The village website and marketing

The TMBC is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of any information on the village website or on any marketing/promotional material that relates to the Tithe Barn (eg in the Milverton and Fitzhead Magazine, the Wivey Magazine etc), and will review contents periodically to ensure that it is up to date and relevant.