Plans of the Tithe Barn

A plan of the Tithe Barn ground floor showing the location of:

  • electric switches and fuse box in the right corner on the wall of the main hall
  • water stop-cock in the storage cupboard in lobby area on left before you enter the main hall
  • the emergency exits which are the main entrance to the hall and the exit from the kitchen to the street
  • fire door for the internal kitchen
  • fire/smoke alarms are above the kitchen door in main hall
  • fire extinguishers are to the right of the main entrance and in the kitchen on the wall by kitchen fire exit
  • First Aid Box in the kitchen on the left wall
  • the Wi-Fi is in main hall on wall to right of chimney breast
  • the defibrillator is outside to the left of main entrance
Tithe Barn ground floor plan with appliances and exits

A plan of the Tithe Barn mezzanine floor showing the location of the fire extinguisher on the rear wall of mezzanine area.

Tithe Barn mezzanine floor plan with appliance