Notices on display

Notices are on prominent display in the hall.


All users of the Hall must nominate a person to be responsible for safety on behalf of their organisation. It is the responsibility of that nominated person to ensure that these instructions are carried out and, as part of the conditions of use, the User will be required to sign a statement confirming that the instructions will be adhered to. A plan of the Hall showing fire escape routes, fire exits and fire safety equipment is attached at Appendix C.

In general, the Hall has been assessed as a low fire risk in view of the limited number of possible sources of ignition. However, particular care should be taken when using:

  • electrical equipment
  • the kitchen facilities

Opening the Hall

The User is responsible for checking that all the escape routes are free of obstructions, fire exit doors are operating properly and fire-fighting equipment is in place. Any problems should be reported immediately to the Hall’s nominated person for fire safety, (Julia Bellamy on 01823 400412). It is the responsibility of the User to be satisfied that the Hall is safe to use.

Closing the Hall

The User is responsible for:

  • checking for smouldering fires or cigarettes left burning
  • checking that heaters and cookers are turned off
  • checking that all electrical appliances are turned off and unplugged
  • turning out all lights
  • closing all internal doors
  • securing all outside doors and windows

Maximum permitted numbers

The User is responsible for seeing that the maximum safe number of people in the Hall is not exceeded as follows:

  • standing/dancing – (120)
  • seated/dining at tables – (80)

Safety instructions

  • for reasons of fire safety and compliance with legislation, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Hall buildings. The only naked lights permitted are night-light type candles enclosed within jam jars or some such arrangement. Use of battery-operated candles are permitted
  • at the start of any event or function, the User is responsible for pointing out to those present:
    • the no-smoking policy
    • action to be taken in the event of a smoke alarm being triggered –
    • in the event of a fire, leave the building immediately and do not attempt to collect any valuables or personal effects
    • locations of exits and escape routes (see Appendix C)
    • location of the Muster Point (in the Children’s Playground opposite)
    • the Fire Brigade or a member or the TBMC is responsible for controlling re-admission to the building once the all-clear is given

Action to be taken in the event of a fire

In the event of a fire, the person discovering the fire should shout “FIRE” loudly.

Everybody must leave the building by the designated fire escape routes as quickly as possible and muster on the children’s playground opposite.

Call the Fire Brigade 999, either by mobile phone or from the call box located outside the pub in the centre of the village or knock on 2 Church Road opposite.

If safe to do so without compromising personal safety, tackle the fire with the appropriate appliance:

  • white banded for wood, textiles etc
  • blue banded for liquid and electrical appliances
  • the fire blanket for cooking fires

As soon as is practical, the person who is responsible for the hire should notify the hall’s nominated fire safety person, Mandy Bool on 01823 401187.

A plan of the Tithe Barn showing the fire alarm points, exits and firefighting equipment can be found at Appendix C.

Food handlers precautions

Do not smoke in the kitchen Wash your hands thoroughly:

  • before touching food
  • after preparing fresh meat, poultry or fish
  • after using the lavatory
  • after blowing your nose
  • before serving food

If you have any skin, nose, throat or bowel trouble you must not handle food. Do not cough or sneeze over food.

Please wear clean clothes and a protective apron or overall.

Use waterproof dressings on cuts, sores or abrasions and keep the dressing clean. Wear a thin rubber glove if necessary.

Always use clean utensils. Use a clean utensil in preference to your hands. Always use clean cloths for washing, wiping and drying.

Do not use chipped or cracked crockery: put it on one side to be destroyed or replaced. Clean up as you go and wipe up spillages as they occur.

Keep prepared foods covered until they are to be served.

Do not place uncooked meat, poultry or fish near cooked preparations unless they are securely wrapped.

Keep fish, meat, vegetable or dairy products and foods containing them either below 8 degree Centigrade or, if they are cooked and waiting to be eaten hot, above 63 degree Centigrade.

Keep the waste bin properly covered at all times.

When you have finished your preparations, please wash and dry everything you have used and put it away.

Clean the sink, work surfaces, and any spills on the floor.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands notices are displayed in the toilets.