Booking the Tithe Barn

How to book

All hirers must complete a booking form to book the Tithe Barn and to confirm that you have read, understood and will comply with the Conditions of Hire.

If you would like to enquire about booking, please contact our Bookings Secretary. Completed bookings forms can be scanned and emailed to the Bookings Secretary or printed and sent to:

Bookings Secretary and Caretaker
Liz Chatfield


or by post to: Eriskay, Fitzhead, TA4 3JT

Conditions of hire

Organisations and individuals who hire the hall for any purpose are responsible for the following:

1. The hirer must be 18 years of age or over.

2. The number of people to be admitted and in the hall at any one time shall not exceed 120 people standing/dancing, or 80 people seated/dining.

3. The key is available from the Bookings Secretary, Wendy Jonas, Eriskay, Fitzhead, TA4 3JT,  email, phone 07950 556221, and all arrangements regarding your booking (including set up and clearing up) should be made with them.

4. It is the duty of all hirers, users and other visitors to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their activities and to recognise that there is a duty on them to comply with all safety requirements set out in these Conditions of Hire and with safety notices on the premises and to accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves or others, or damage to the premises, fixtures and fittings, or its contents.

5. It is the responsibility of hirers to supervise car parking so as to avoid obstruction of the highway.

6. It is the responsibility of hirers to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect the well-being of the disabled, children and vulnerable adults. Any organisation or individual hiring the premises for the purpose of activities for which Ofsted registration is required will be required to produce evidence of their registration, together with their Child Protection Policy, on booking. Hirers are expected to use safe recruitment processes to appoint staff, including volunteers, who will be working with children or vulnerable adults.

7. The Fitzhead Tithe Barn Management Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to the personal belongings of Hirers brought into or left at the Tithe Barn.

8. Where it is proposed to sell alcohol or to advertise any event where any alcohol is included in the price of the ticket, the hirer must first obtain a licence to sell alcohol from Somerset West and Taunton Council website.

9. The Tithe Barn holds a Music Licence which allows users to legally play music through the radio, TV, other digital devices and live performances. The Music Licence is displayed on the Notice Board in the Tithe Barn.

10. The First Aid Box and Accident report book is located on the wall in the kitchen. Any accidents on the premises must be reported to the Bookings Secretary and recorded in the Accident book.

11. Should anyone using the hall come across a fault, damage or other situation which might cause injury and cannot be rectified immediately they should inform the Bookings Secretary as soon as possible so that the problem can be rectified.

12. The premises shall be left in the same condition as found.
a. all breakages (on or off the premises) and/or damage to the premises, fixtures and fittings, or its contents shall be paid for by the hirer
b. the main hall and kitchen must be left clean and tidy, with any equipment used returned to its proper place. Please leave all used tablecloths and tea-towels in the Tithe Barn at the end of the hire. They may be needed the next day for the next event, so please don’t take them away to wash, Wendy will wash them.

please take all your rubbish and recycling away with you

13. Noise levels should not cause disturbance to the hall’s neighbours.

14. The hall must be cleared and shut by 12 midnight.

15. The Tithe Barn Management Committee accepts no responsibility for the preparation of food on the premises. Those hiring the hall and anyone preparing, or handling food or drink are responsible for safety and hygiene precautions and they must comply with the relevant regulations.

16. At the end of the hire, the hirer is responsible for:

    • checking that water heaters and cookers are turned off
    • checking that all electrical appliances are turned off and unplugged
    • turning out all lights
    • Please leave the doors to the toilets and kitchen open 
    • securing all outside doors and window
    • returning the key to the Booking Secretary

17. An invoice for the hire of the hall will be sent to the hirer for payment. Payments should be made via online banking or by cheque within 7 days from the date of invoice (full details will be shown on the invoice).

18. If these Conditions are not met, the Tithe Barn Management Committee reserves the right to make an additional charge.

Fire regulations

1. No Smoking
There is a strict No Smoking policy inside the Tithe Barn or immediately around the entrance area. It is a criminal offence to allow smoking in these premises and it is the hirer’s responsibility, together with the Tithe Barn Management Committee, to prevent smoking on the premises.

2.  All statutory or local regulations and rules for public safety must be strictly observed by hirers, and fire and safety equipment must not be misused or removed from its designated location. Such exit routes shall be kept clear of obstructions al all times.

3. The Hirer shall ensure they are aware of, and are familiar with:
a. the actions to be taken in event of fire
b. the location and use of fire safety equipment
c. escape routes and other exit doors must not be obstructed
d. appreciation of the importance of any fire doors and of closing all fire doors and in the event of a fire. The kitchen hatchway doors must be kept shut, except when the serving of food is undertaken
e. help for fire and rescue services (see Appendix C) and displayed on the Notice Board shows a plan of the Tithe Barn showing location of electrical and water cut-off switches, the fire alarm points, fire exits and firefighting equipment
f. At the start of any event or function, the Hirer is responsible for pointing out safety instructions to those present

4. It is strictly forbidden to bring highly flammable substances onto the premises. Battery operated candles may be used. The only naked lights permitted are night-light type candles enclosed within jam jars or some such arrangement.

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