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    1. Hi David
      We are moving in to 6 Hills Cottages in the next couple of months. We would be keen to support the community scheme roll out (sadly not for Bridgerton, but definitely for zoom!).
      Do let me know by email return whatever I can do to help but also ensure 6 Hills Cottages are covered.
      Thank you for managing this and great to see the community in action!

    2. Thank you so much David for your hard work and persistence. We really appreciate it!

    3. Hi there
      I would like to enquire about hiring the tithe barn for our silver wedding anniversary. Could you please let me know if you have availability on Saturday 23rd July 2022 and let me know what the cost of hire is.
      Many thanks in advance

      1. Hi there, thank you for your enquiry. It has been forwarded to the Tithe Barn Bookings Secretary. Kind regards, Web Team.

    4. 1, What do you value most about your church that It is open 7 days a week for the community and visitors to pray and meet their God to also look for relatives and have happy memories for the part the church has played in their lives.
      2, What are the biggest challenges facing the community change due to Covid and services likely to disappear, Tea room, garage, butchers up for sale and the co-op moving to another location.
      3, How can church members support the challenges the community face, By being there within the community out there alongside with them communicating with them and helping them through their fears, problems, and isolation as they become disconnected through technology.

    5. We are so pleased that there is an initiative to improve bus services in Somerset. Here in Fitzhead there is no bus service at all (apart from the school bus), no shops or amenities.
      We are facing having to move in the future if we become unable to drive any more. We love living here and worry about what the future holds with no public transport to fall back on.
      if there was a regular service we couldn’t need to drive to a town to shop but take the bus instead!

      1. Hi Victoria, thank you for your comments. Have you also sent your feedback to the Somerset bus partnership as your comments to the Fitzhead website won’t be forwarded? Many thanks, Website Editor.

    6. Hello,

      Any update on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      Kind regards,
      Hector Lindsay

    7. @David Simonson
      Not sure if this applies to all Fitzhead postcodes, however BT are now offering FTTP superfast broadband. I have an installation booked for late October. BT’s pricing is considerably better than Airband