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Benefice Hedgerow Chaplin

The new moon for July is on the 5th at 23:57 and the full moon, called the Herb or Wyrt moon, is on the 21st at 11:17. August’s new moon on the 4th at 12:13 and the full moon, called the Grain moon, is on the 19th at 19:25.

Why do I tell you when the Moon’s phases are?Steven Wort

Traditionally, the full moon has always been a time of celebration in connection with the seasons. At this time of year, it is because of the gathering of the crops and harvests being bought home. The moon does also have a personal pull on the waters of our planet and our bodies, the growth patterns of plants, and the migration of birds. Her cycle influences us more deeply than most of us are aware! Why, when you see a beautiful full moon up in the sky, do stand and stare in awe! A full moon is generally a time for new beginnings at different seasons endings and beginnings. It is a good time for speaking out and planning your intent. That’s why I why tell you about them!

The next festival in connection with the moon is on August 1st and called, Lammas or the Feast of Lugh the Corn King or Sun King who starts to die with the waning of the year.The festival is to mark the first fruits of the harvest and is celebrated by the baking of loaves of bread which are taken to the church for that blessing.

The amazing Perseids Meteor Shower runs across our skies from 12th July to 24th August.
The best time to look into the night sky is on the 12/13th August when you could see up to 100 meteors per hour whizzing overhead!

The Spiritual Walk on July 16th will be a gentle walk around the Milverton countryside. It is 3.5 miles and will take 2.5 hours. We meet at St Michaels Church Milverton 10:00

The August 20th walk will be another gentle walk, around Fitzhead. It is 4.3 miles and will take 2 hours. We meet 10:00 at St James Church Fitzhead.

To book a place on either or both walks please contact me on or text/call 07557 958013

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