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Today I attended a couple of weddings, and one included a member of the military in full dress uniform. As many of you may know military personnel lay down their weapons at the door of the church, as a place of sanctuary and peace, and pick them up again as they leave. During our events marking the 80th anniversary of D Day there were many memories shared and prayers for peace, the bells rang out in the evening for peace.

That sword in the church porch was such a powerful image.

Closer to home we see electioneering dominating the media and on our streets, and much of it seems to be about hitting out at their opponents rather than presenting rational plans for the future. Meanwhile the wars in the world seem to have completely disappeared from the news but we know that peace has not yet broken out!

May our voting on 4th July be thoughtful, seeking peaceful solutions to our many concerns and problems. May the leaders of our nations seek peaceful solutions in places of hatred and war. May we offer sanctuary in our churches and our communities for all those who seek peace. May the words of Philipians 4:7 resound in our hearts….The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our LordHelene Stainer


Helene Stainer

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