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Welcome to the stunning month of June. We have the Summer Solstice and the Longest Day of the year.

For thousands of years, our ancient ancestors have tracked the path of the Sun across the sky. When we arrive at the Summer Solstice, they would have known the day was to be revered and celebrated as having the most light and therefore the longest day for farming and warmth. It was the time of year for thanks of all that is good and beneficial in nature.

Stonehenge, allegedly was devised and built for worship at the Solstice’s, showing the power of nature in the Sun, Moon and Stars and therefore playing such an important they played in daily life. June is the key month in the Sun’s path and marks the Longest day and Shortest night of the year. The word ‘solstice’ comes to us from the Latin ‘sol’ meaning Sun and ‘sistere’ to stand still.

Nature has certainly been working at its finest with garden and wildflowers at their very best. Covering a vast range of colours and types all giving our hearts and feelings an extra level of happiness and joy!

The birds are also working hard with their broods and some possibly starting a second one.

Trees are resplendent in full leaf, fruits are growing in abundance, with the English Strawberries sought after to go with delicious cream!

Crops in the farmers’ fields and our home veg patches should be doing well!

All is well and good with Nature!

The New Moon is on June 6th at 1337 with the Full (Strawberry) Moon appearing on June 22nd at 0207.

Don’t forget the full moon is the ideal time to be receptive, to take the light and awareness of spirit into your emotional and physical body. Even if you don’t subscribe to these moon theories, there is nothing like a Bright White Shining Full Moon to stir the emotions and to stand in awe at the universe and our planet that we are so lucky to be part of!

It just calls on us as individuals to believe in a greater power and for us all to do our very best for our friends, family, neighbours and all those around us. All we need to do is to smile, to ask if they are ok, can we do anything to help?

“Do the little things” (St David) and it will make the world a better place!

June 20th at 2151 is of course the Summer Solstice when no doubt everybody will be dashing down to Stonehenge to join in with the celebrations of the longest day, heralding Summer and the constant sunshine we will be getting every day of the month! Well, we can hope anyway!

The Spiritual Walk on June 18th will be the postponed Wivey Hills Walk from March.

We will meet at Croft Way Car Park at 10.00am TA4 2JP (Free Parking)

The walk is 4 miles and will take 3 hours.

To book a place please contact me on or text/call 07557 958013

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