Fitzhead Village

Wedding Dress Exhibition

25th – 26th May 10 am – 4 pm

St James Church Fitzhead and Tithe Barn Fitzhead

I have been so pleased by the response to my request for wedding dresses/outfits for the exhibition – so many of you have kindly offered a dress /dresses, thank you. As a result I have booked the church for 2 days and the Tithe Barn will also be open at the same time for teas/coffees and cakes.

It has also been suggested a photo board of wedding dresses would make a great addition to the exhibition. Apart from the photos I have asked for to accompany the dresses on show, does anyone have family wedding photos they would be prepared to lend … doesn’t matter if they aren’t traditional, anything goes! These may be as far back as great great grandparents, for example. It would be interesting to have a few photos that cover the styles and fashions of each decade (war years too) in the last century. If you are unable to lend a dress maybe you have a photo of your wedding? It will be fun picking out who is who in all their wedding finery!

I do still need mannequins/dummies…I have offers of 7 at the moment but need a lot more thanks to all the lovely dress offers so far.

Thank you for your help

Sue Webber

01823 400925

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