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Welcome to the Merry Month of May. So named after the Greek Goddess Maia and meaning Springtime, Warmth and Increase. With May comes the Sunshine, Growth, Festivities and Happiness.

It is the time when, in the wonderful Spring weather, people are planting and sowing ready for later harvests.
The Beltain energy is strong, with the earth clothed in green, full of life and growth. Buttercups, Primroses, Cowslips and Bluebells are all around. The Blue Tits, Goldfinches, Blackbirds along with many others are busy flying back and forth looking after the broods in their nests; trees and shrubs are well in leaf, buds are bursting wanting to enjoy the beautiful Spring sunshine.

As May is National Walking Month, it is an ideal time to come out and try a Hedgerow Chaplains Spiritual Walk! Be part of the life that is abounding in nature, feel it and use it. Reach out for what you want! Everything is possible!

Up and coming Festivals and events for May…..

  • May 1st May Day itself, with dancing round the Maypole. May Queens have pride of place in the processions in many villages and towns, previously in Roman times known as Flora, the flower goddess.
  • The 5th is known as Rogation Sunday, the day the church seeks blessing for its community and sustenance. Rogation meaning ‘to ask’. It is a good day to walk, talk and eat together.
  • May 6th is the May Bank Holiday and also the day of the buzzing and vibrant Milverton Street Fair!
  • The 9th being Ascension Day is when Jesus Christ ascends into heaven.
  • May 19th the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples and followers of Jesus at the time known as Pentecost. The idea being that if his word could be spread, it would end fear and oppression, by peacefully teaching humanity how to love and bless one another. Pentecost marks the beginning of the Christian Churches mission to carry this out and make this a New World. Let us all try and follow these basic ideals and play our part to make the planet a peaceful and happy place.
  • On the 21st is the Hedgerow Chaplains Spiritual Walk, this month being in and around Langford Budville. Information as below.
  • 27th is the second May Bank Holiday.

The New Moon is on the 8th and the Full Moon follows on the 23rd at 09.53 called the Flower Moon.
The Spiritual Walk on May 21st will be around Langford Budville. We will meet at 10.00am at Langford Budville Jubilee Hall, Ritherdons Lane TA21 0RL. The walk is 3.5 miles and will take about 2.5 hours.
To book a place, please email me on or text/call 07557 958013

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