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From the Vicarage

I went into Taunton because I wanted to visit the Knife Angel. For those who have missed the media reports about this 27 foot sculpture formed with 100,000 knives, collected from knife banks; where anonymous individuals have given up their “weapons”, some donated from police, still in their evidence bags following crime investigations. The Knife Angel is also known as The National Monument Against Violence & Aggression.

The sculpture is in Taunton for April. Some might say, Why Taunton? Well, even quiet places in Somerset can have issues with violence, knife crime and worse and this was highlighted by the opening ceremony involving Adam Fouracre from Stand Against Violence and Emma Webber from The Barnaby Webber Foundation sharing their own stories of loss due to violence. It was well worth visiting.

Around the sculpture, on the railings, were ribbons tied as wishes, or prayers, for peace and the collectors for a charity funding Stab kits for emergency use included a member from Milverton….a reminder that violence and aggression is a concern for all of us. Why do people carry these knives? Most would reply that they carried them for protection, just-in-case, they are afraid!

The post Easter appearance stories in The Bible often have Jesus’ first words as “Peace Be With You”. He is speaking to people who are afraid, who face uncertainty, who are expecting violence toward them, and Jesus stretches out His arms and says again, “peace be with you”.

As that 3.5 tonne Angel stretches out those wings imagine that same message, “peace be with you”.
In every moment of fear, argument, frustration with another human being; in every moment of anger and upset, remember these words, Peace Be With You……….and live and share that peace.


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