Fitzhead Village

From the Vicarage in April

Clocks have changed and the Easter season has arrived. In our church calendar we have marked the last few weeks of Jesus’s life, His death on the cross and then His resurrection. A new start, new life, a way forwards.

The Easter season continues in church life for most of April when, in our churches, we hear the many stories of Jesus seeing friends, the early church beginning to grow, new hope around every corner both then and now.

This is a time of change as we welcome Langford Budville and Runnington into our benefice. Each of our churches are unique, they have different ways of connecting with their community, different ways of using their buildings but all rely on the support of their communities. All are welcome to attend their local church annual meeting to find out more.

I have been asked frequently, “how do you manage with extra parishes?” That is easy to answer…the Priest does not run the churches, does not make all the decisions and does not lead all the services….Our local churches rely on the amazing volunteers who care for the buildings, lead services, visit those in need, raise money, manage the legal requirements faced by any institution; and do so with love and commitment.

A big thank you to everyone who keep our churches running and as relevant parts of our communities.
Easter blessings


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