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Hedgerow Chaplin in March

Welcome to MarchSteven Wort

A Spiritual Time for our Inner Awakening, and Nature coming alive alongside us!

We are entering that amazing time when all of life and nature, including ourselves comes alive with the warming sun, the longer days and when we can start to throw off the restraints of Winter.

We can reach out, like the trees, plants and animals for what we want, put our plans that we have been working on through the darker days into reality and to journey forth and embrace all that is new! The Spring Equinox on the 21st March tells us of the balance of the day with night, both equal and therefore both in harmony, as we are with nature.

This is the month dedicated to Oestre, the pagan fertility goddess of humans, crops and new beginnings. Rabbits or Hares, Eggs and Spring flowers are her symbols, all honouring balance, renewal and rebirth with the awakening of the earth.

Lent began on the 14th February so we still have until the 28th March to go through our own time of spiritual discipline and repentance. We are searching our inner souls for self-control to replicate Jesus’s sacrifices in the desert and his avoidance of temptation during the 40 days. We can also instead of the ‘giving up’ of certain food and drinks, give something! How about a donation to Charity, give love and caring to your family and friends or even those you don’t know. How about even trying out some prayers.

Mothering Sunday is on the 10th March. This is the time Mum has breakfast in bed and then does not need to do anything for the rest of the day!

The clocks change on 31st March at 01:00am and ‘Spring Forward’ to 02:00am. Sorry, an hour in bed lost!

There is a Super New Moon on the 10th March at 09:00am, so called because it appears a lot closer to the Earth in its elliptical orbit.

The Micro Full Moon you will see on 25th at 07:00am, but this time it is farthest away from Earth in its orbit. The Celtic names for the Full Moon are as follows; Worm (warming earth brings up the worms) Crow (the crows pop down to eat the worms) Seed Moon (time to sow seeds). Don’t forget the power of the full moon on your being, let it into your soul to guide and enlighten you through the month.

The Spiritual Walk for this month will be on the 19th March starting at 10:00 am from Croft Way Car Park Wiveliscombe. TA4 2JP (Free Parking). We will take a walk on the Wivey Hills which will be about 4 miles and take around 3 hours.

To book a place please email me on or text/phone 07557 958013

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