Fitzhead Village

From our new residents

Since we moved in, we have found all the villagers and our neighbours extremely welcoming and very friendly towards us. We both are enjoying living here and exploring all the new walks with our two dogs. However, we have noticed on our walks that there seems to be an excess amount of dog poo on all the roads and paths. To be honest, this is not what we expected coming to such a pretty village, and not what we have ever been used to, as like a lot of other people we always pick up after our dogs.

We understand that there are no dog poo bins within the village, but surely this is no excuse for not picking up after your dog? After all, it is the dog owner’s responsibility and failure to do this could come with a fine of up to £1000. Also, picking up after your dog would make walks around this lovely village much more pleasant and enjoyable for all.

Nobody likes to see dog poo outside their house let alone step in it.

Tony and Emma

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