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The Parish Precept for Fitzhead

Last month’s magazine contained an important notice from Milverton Parish Council about the financial position of Somerset Council and the likely impact on residents. The Council has warned all Parish Councils (PCs) that they will be reducing, or even withdrawing from a number of services they currently carry out and some longstanding annual cash grants will no longer be paid.

This is likely to shift the onus on to PCs to do more in the way of seasonal cutting of hedges, for example, as well as maintaining their current responsibilities.

As a householder, you will pay Council Tax to Somerset Council. Part of this is returned to your Parish Council (PC) in the form of a Parish Precept which is set by each PC, at this time of the year. This payment enables your PC to pay for the annual financial commitments they are responsible for, including, as one example, insuring, maintaining and carrying out safety checks for the children’s playground.

As these responsibilities are highly likely to be increased due to the shortfall in the finances of Somerset Council, after much discussion at a recent Fitzhead PC meeting, it was agreed we need to raise our Precept to £13,738. This equates to approximately £108.00 per annum on an average Band D property. This amount will be paid at a monthly rate of £10.83 over the 10 monthly payments of the council tax and is an increase of just under £6.00 per month. This should enable us to provide services that are important to our villagers, but will no longer be provided by Somerset Council.

Our next meeting is 28 February 2024 in the Tithe Barn. Full details will be published on our website nearer the time. Our meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.

Chris Summers, Chair, Fitzhead Parish Council

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