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Christmas Pottery Sale 2023 – in the workshop at

‘Welshes, Fitzhead, Taunton.  TA4 3JT

Thursday 7th December: 10-4

Friday 8th December: 10-4

Saturday 9th December 10-1

There will be a lot of seconds as usual (the potters’ lot) and 10% off everything full price. It is just two daytimes and one morning this year as I have to dash to London for an early Christmas with daughters, one of whom is off to Mexico for a fab holiday.

Well I went all out for the Cotswold Fair which was marvellous if muddy so a huge shout out to all the brave people who got there and made it all worthwhile as did the epic stallholder camaraderie. Crabs were especially popular: I still have one great lamp also lots of  6” mats and the all time favourite strawberries. As we are selling mostly online these days, I so enjoyed meeting the clientele and after almost 40 years’ making, being recognised and encouraged to keep going. Thanks, everyone. Exhausting but good. And thanks to Joe’s awesome hard work and despite my poor IT skills, it means the online shop is now brimming with enticing Christmas gift potential. 

Do please browse and buy – we can hope to guarantee orders for Friday 22nd December if received by 16th please as the last posting date for 1st class is 19th!

There will also be 10% off everything ready made in the shop until Twelfth Night, 5th January ’24, using code NOEL10. Happy Christmas indeed.

The weather was so, so wet early in the month and the ground sodden but we have very much enjoyed the dry this last week, including a fine first proper frost yesterday – just so beautiful. Fitzhead never fails to calm and inspire. It is that madly busy time and the early morning dog walks really set me up for the day (Arthur too who we worked out is about 5 in human years now, enormous and learning how to be a very good dog despite his expensive taste for glasses and leather boots and losing tennis balls under the wheel as Rory is throwing all the time).

But please know that you can order online anytime and also visit the pottery when it suits us all in the days following the Sale – best to just email as I fear the landline answerphone is badly forgotten these days!

Many thanks and more soon, I am dashing as usual with last minute orders that have been neglected but I assure you will all be done in time. There are lovely tiles to paint in January also the famous Point to Point mementoes again which I look forward to. Just rather a lot to get done first … hope your festive plans are shaping up well and thanks for taking the time to read this far!

Warm wishes from Fitzhead,



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