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Christmas Chutneys

Yes, it is time to buy your Christmas Chutneys for your festive table!

Come along to the Tithe Barn this Sunday 3rd December, from 2pm, and you will find me somewhere amongst the wreath making materials with a table full of chutney. I was going to hold a garage sale but I whimped out when I realised how cold it was likely to be, so when Louise suggested having a table in the wreath making workshop, I jumped at the chance. Thank You Louise, you’ve saved me from frost bite!

The chutneys include Runner Bean Chutney and Cucumber Pickle as they are much nicer when eaten before they are a year old. Any Chutney left over will go back in my cold dark cupboard ready for the 2024 fete.

So first come, first served and please bring a bag along with plenty of cash. I will be raising money for the Food Bank again this year so if you would like to make a cash donation, I will take all the money I raise to the Food Bank in Taunton next week. They told me last year that they use cash donations to buy fruit, vegetables and eggs for local people in need.

Many Thanks and enjoy your festivities.

Janet Weeks

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