Fitzhead Village

Wild Flower Planting

On Friday 27 October, a few of us, a very select few, gathered in the churchyard in warm autumn sunshine to prepare a section of grass for wildflower seed sowing. First though, we had to prepare the ground, which meant raking out loose grass and moss and digging out deep rooted plants, such as Plantains, to get enough bare earth to sow our seeds. It was hard work, but we refreshed ourselves with cake before finishing our job.

The children sowed Yellow Rattle seeds first, the plant is parasitic on grass roots so allows other plants to develop. Then a mix of annuals, perennials and biennial flower seeds were sown so that next year we hope to see a splash of colour from annual flowers, but we’ll have to wait for the other seeds to develop into plants that will hopefully flower in 2025. We only managed to prepare a small area of ground but hope to do more next year – this is a long term project.

So, a huge thank you from me to Cilla, Mandy, Colin, Jane and Louise and children Eleanor, Connie, Megan and Rolly for your hard work

Janet Weeks

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