Fitzhead Village

Fitzhead Tithe Barn – Vacancy

Booking Clerk and Caretaker 4-5 hours per month required. This is a paid position by the Tithe barn committee

Caretaker role includes:

  • Cleaning as required
  • Checking the hall after events
  • Maintaining stocks of cleaning products and items

Booking Clerk role:

  • Taking bookings by phone or email
  • Ensure they are aware of T&Cs
  • Ask them to complete a booking form
  • Be available (by phone) for a booking or ask a member of the TB committee to stand in if you are away
  • Send out invoice after the event
    • Regular bookings e.g. choir and craft group – invoice monthly
    • Singular bookings – invoice shortly afterwards
  • Heating during the winter will need to be on for all events which can be done remotely via Wi-Fi
  • Maintain a record of all bookings etc. for the committee

Attend TB meetings which are 3 monthly on average

For more information or enquiries please contact

Wendy Jonas 07950556221

or email

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