Fitzhead Village

From the Vicarage October 2023

During September we experienced some extreme heat and the first signs of Autumn, With our windows wide open, we could hear the farm machinery in the fields, and the rumble of tractor tyres as crops were taken in until late each night; it has most definitely been harvest time.

Gardeners have been placing spare crops by the roadside for others to share…figs, cooking apples, eating apples, plums, tomatoes, marrows, and courgettes and …dare I mention, runner beans…it has been a good year for runner beans…

It must be time for our Harvest celebrations, decorating our churches, bringing people together, singing the best-known harvest songs, and giving thanks for the harvest; quite often involving sharing food as well.

This season is known as creation tide, so we should also consider our responses to the growing concerns for the environment and reflect on what we can do to help to slow down or prevent further global warming.

During this season we can also remember St Francis, a saint usually associated with animals, and at Milverton on 15th October 3pm at St Michael’s Church, you are invited to bring your pets along for a short service of celebration and have them blessed, if they are not keen on crowds then bring along a picture of them instead.

Sanctuary Crafting 6-9pm 0n Wednesday 4th October at St Michael’s Church will also be celebrating our natural world with fabric printing and felting, all are welcome to come along and have a go, share conversation and to have some quiet time using wellbeing techniques.

Let us give thanks for all that we have, and remember those who have not….Come, Ye Thankful People Come.


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