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Welcome to October, and the early days of Autumn…..Steven Wort

The autumnal smell in the air, the cool breezes that means summer has gone but with the leaves changing colour to the glorious spectrum of golds, greens and yellows, means that this is definitely Autumn!
The light of day grows shorter by about two hours during the month and the darkness of night-time lengthens. Torches at the ready! We also have the clocks moving back an hour on the 29th so that we have that extra hour in bed!

October brings in the last harvests of the season, nuts, fruits, swedes and turnips. 1st October 1843 was the day of the first ever Harvest Festival started down in Morwenstow, Cornwall by the Reverend Hawker. He wanted the people in his parish to say thank you to God for the harvests.

The Pagan and Celtic religious festival, Samhain pronounced sow-en or Halloween starts at sunset on the 31st through to November 1st, signifying the end of Summer and its harvests and the beginning of Autumn and the wintry feel creeping in.

All Hallows and All Saints are on November 1st with All Souls following on November 2nd. The ghosts of the dead return to earth at this time because it was believed the veil between the living and the dead was thin. This is a time that we need to look into ourselves to prepare us for the changing seasons and the cycles of life, death and rebirth, as with the plants, trees and all living things.

It is that time when people release and let go of negative energies and lower energies that hold them back, and to celebrate the new energies that will eventually take their place. It is also a good time to look out for the caring of our friends, neighbours as well as family.

We are all as one on this planet and have the power in each of us to follow the Golden Rule.
‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.
Such a simple statement with such a profound and life changing meaning for everybody!

The New Moon is on the 14th at 1854 and the Full Moon will be on the 28th at 2124 and is called the Hunters Moon.

The Spiritual Walk for October will be on

  • 17th starting at 10.00am
  • From Milverton Cricket Club Butts Way TA4 1JR
  • The walk is 3.5 miles and will take around 2.5/3 hours around, Lower Lovelynch, Bindon House, Higher Lovelynch and back to the Cricket Club.
  • To book a place please email me on
    07557 958013 or 01823 400232

God bless to you all,


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