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Bus Service from Milverton

Use it or lose it!!
The great Somerset Bus deal, which means that any one way journey on the 25 bus into Taunton or any other route in Somerset costs only £2.00 per journey (£2.50 from November for a further year). One way routes within Taunton are charged at just £1.00!

The rub is that Somerset Council have had to step in to subsidise the 25 service due to low passenger numbers – this will be reviewed in Spring 2024. The worst case scenario is a permanent removal of the route, but there is also a strong possibility that the frequency of the service will be severely reduced UNLESS, we all pull together and demonstrate by using the 25 bus service, that we really value it. The ball, as they say, is in our court.

We do appreciate that much has been said about why some people do not use the service, particularly emphasising its unreliability, either by turning up early/late or not at all but many in the village do rely on the 25 as their only means of transport.

County Councillor Dave Mansell, has been working hard with Councillor Gwil Wren to find out the facts and has sent some information to help people track their bus.

All services can be tracked on (OK for smart phones or desktops.)
Alternatively the direct link to Service 25

First bus also have an app for smart phones (install from app store) and the app is also good for buying discounted ticket bundles (although the £2 single fare is currently the cheapest option

So, it’s down to us. It may not be quite Use it or Lose it, but it might mean a seriously reduced service if we don’t make more use of the 25.

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