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Message from our resident Chutney Supplier

Dear Fitzheadians

Well, didn’t we have a wet Fete this year? I was very grumpy when I trundled up to the Cricket Pitch to set up the produce stall, muttering crossly to myself about no one turning up in such weather. But happily I was wrong, all my jars of preserves flew off the tables and I was really pleased to see them go! I also had some very nice comments about my preserves so, Thank you, it was lovely to get such positive feedback and it cheered me up no end.

Now I’m already stirring up cauldrons of chutney as a way of coping with all the produce coming my way, thanks to Andy for oh so many plums! Someone on Fete day said that they imagined me stirring my cauldron with a pointy Witches hat on, but I tend not to wear my witches hat whilst cooking, I have slippery hair and I’m always worried that my hat will slide off straight into the cauldron!

I know that before the Fete I said I’d had enough, but I can’t help myself, I am going to continue my preserves journey, at least for the next fete and I have high hopes of some preserving collaboration with a new Tithe Meadow neighbour Sue, but possibly without the Witches Hats, and maybe with another Fitzheadian, we’ll see.

So a call for JARS please!

Thanks to Terry and Mel for the latest delivery of 1lb jars but I also need small and medium sized ones if you have any that are empty. They can be left on the doorstep of 4 Tithe Meadow if we’re out and I’ll share some with Sue.

Janet Weeks

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