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Country Matters from your Benefice Hedgerow Chaplin

Steven Wort

Welcome to the amazing month of September, where it is all happening above and below ground! The farmers have been hard at work bringing in the crop harvests with the fruit, berry and nuts waiting their turn! The greenery of many plants is dying off to give the bulbs and roots feed for the winter months.

We have the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd which is the change between the Summer and Winter seasons. The sun is directly above the equator with day and night around the globe being roughly of equal length. We are also leaving the ‘light side’ of the year and moving into the ‘dark side’ up to March 21st when we will have the Spring Equinox.
As the month progresses the dark nights eventually take over more of the daylight hours that we have, meaning colder nights and chillier mornings.

Spiritually we need to stop and review where we are. We need to recharge our souls, freshen ourselves up and prepare for this next phase of the seasons.

What will be happening is that the activity we have been seeing in nature, now becomes dormant. The sap of the trees goes back to the roots, the leaves fall from the trees, hedgerows and flowers. The harvest and fruits are collected leaving nature in the dark to rest and refresh itself ready for the Spring.

It might look quiet on the surface, but all will be busy in the dark, in the soil, below ground.
For ourselves, it is a time to reflect, a time to clear out that which is no longer needed, in and of ourselves. A time of hope to plant the seeds of planning and leave them in the ‘dark’ to await the arrival of Spring, the ‘light’ time, where we can grow, nurture and flourish with those plans.

Let us stop and review where we are with those people around us. let’s enjoy and make as many happy moments as we can, with, and for each other.
Our families, our friends and those strangers we meet that they may become our friends.
These are some of the seeds and the changes and the hopes that we could be reviewing.
Let us pray for each other and wish the best for all of those that we know, and those that may need a thought, a prayer, a kind word or two, especially those that are not known to us.

The New Moon is on the 15th at 02:39 with the Full Moon (Harvest or Corn Moon) on the 29th at 10:57. Don’t forget that a New Moon it is an excellent time for new beginnings, new projects and new directions and the Full Moon is a time for celebration and outward expression.
They can both be brilliant moments throughout the year for you to take a review of where you are in your daily and spiritual life.

The September Spiritual walk will be on Tuesday 19th in the countryside around Langford Budville.
We will meet and park at the Martlet Inn in Langford Budville at 1000am.
The walk is about 3.5 miles and will take 2.5/3 hours.


07557 958013 or 01823 400232

God Bless you all

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