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Country Matters from your Benefice Hedgerow Chaplin

Here we are in July with August just around the corner! Time is precious and must be savoured every day! A most excellent way of enjoying and savouring this wonderful summer weather is to try out the Hedgerow Chaplains Spiritual Walks! 

The next one is on July 18th and will take place at one of our regular walkers, Richard, on his land up the road in Yarde. We will start at his home, Yarde Cottage TA4 4HW, on the B3118 just after Monksilver. It will be marked, and he will be standing by the road to welcome those not totally sure of its location! He has plenty of parking on his property, where we will meet at 1000am for a 3.5 mile walk on gently undulating fields and tracks.

The Full Moon is on the 3rd at 1238 the Wyrt or Hay Moon. The New Moon in July is on the 17th at 1931.

This is the only month in the year that does not have either a Christian or Celtic Festival.
July 15th is St Swithuns Day and according to ancient expectations, whatever the weather on that day rain or shine it will be the same for the next forty days!

July is the month for slowing down and becoming aware of ourselves as whole people, away from the focus of work. It is about discovering God, and our souls, in relation to the natural world, to each other and through positive communication with each other. Holidays are planned for many when a well-earned rest is welcomed.

The second walk is on August 22nd and will be on the Quantocks area. Starting from the Lydeard Hill Car Park TA4 3DY at 1000am. A walk of 3/3.5 miles and about 2/2.5 miles. Hopefully, weather permitting the plan is to have a sunny picnic lunch at some time and having a ‘service’ discussing the beauty of the area, the flora and fauna, the joy of living where we are so lucky to be and what gratitude we must offer for all around us.

This month has its first Full Moon on the 1st at 1931, called the Grain or Corn Moon which is a Super Moon. The New Moon, which is a Micro Moon, is on the 16th at 1038 am. The second Full Moon of this month is also a Super Moon, therefore making it a Blue Super Moon, which is on the 31st at 0235am.

Explanations: Super Moon because it is closer to the Earth and appears larger and Blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon in the month! Micro New Moon because it is further away from the Earth!
The Moon has an elliptical orbit around the Earth, hence the changes in apparent size when viewed.

August has a festival ‘ Lammas’ or Lughnasadh, marking the beginning of the grain harvest, an extremely busy time on the farms.

For many families and because of the school summer holidays and good weather, many make for the coast to spend happy days before the coming months and the next seasonal changes.


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