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I have recently taken over the responsibility of running these online media platforms and hope to keep the residents of Fitzhead and beyond informed of events, news or any information that may be of use to the community.  But who am I behind the words and pictures?

My name is Wendy Jonas and I live next to the church in Fitzhead. Although I have no formal qualifications of these platforms I have had some excellent guidance and teaching from the lovely Karen Baker who set up and has been running the Fitzhead website alongside the Milverton one since their inception. 

If you want to advertise your event or have anything posted on either site please email me and I will happily oblige. Please note that if you have a photograph or poster it will need to be in JPEG format for the website and I will have to ask you to change this if you forget. 

Most information so far is gleaned from the newsletter that Mandy emails and posts out.  Thank you Mandy, you do an amazing job.  These media platforms are not intended to override her hard work but to enhance it and disseminated to a wider audience.

Any questions, please get in touch

Wendy Jonas


Tel: 07950556221

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