Fitzhead Village

Coronation Party

It was lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves in the sunshine at the Coronation party. The optional dress code of red white and blue were worn by the majority with hand made crowns adorning many heads. There are a large number of folk that deserve special thanks for all the time and effort put in to make the event so successful and enjoyable for the rest of us. Putting out tables and chairs, tablecloths, cutlery, bunting, raffle, making tea and coffee, clearing up, washing and drying up, making cakes and biscuits. So many people were involved during Sunday, and Monday’s plant sale, without whom the events would not have been nearly so successful. Thank you, one and all.

Mark, Bob and others have started to upload some of the Coronation Party pictures to the ‘Fitzhead Photography’ Flickr website. Please check back regularly to see new uploads.

Given the limitations of broadband in the village and size of some of the images for sharing, Flickr was deemed the best way to upload and share. For those not familiar with Flickr, it’s a photo sharing website for photographers. To view the pictures, you don’t need an account or to sign up. However, those with accounts can also upload their shots too, for all to see and to leave comments etc. The shots are small versions, the originals can be used for printed copies, if people so wish.

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