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Greetings Fitzhead!

I am an outsider (from Halse ) but for the last couple of years I have been temporary, honorary treasurer for St James Fitzhead church. I have just completed the accounts for 2022 so I thought it time to bore you all with some financial information about the church.

First of all I need to praise the 5 ladies who are the Parochial Church Council, they have worked extremely hard to keep the church going. I hope you know who they are. Many thanks are also due to all you villagers who have contributed to church funds and fundraising events. As at 31 December 2022 church assets amounted to £7,714. So all is well…at the moment.

Last year’s income of £12,000 was mainly from direct payments (collections, bank payments and donations), grants, and fund raising events (the auction and fete raised £4,000 overall). £10,000 was spent on church maintenance, churchyard, electricity, insurance and parish share (clergy costs etc).

Going into 2023 we hope income can be maintained or increased. However, grants are likely to fall by £1000 and expenditure will rise, due to inflation and necessary maintenance. Following the recent Church of England Quinquennial inspection there is an estimated £2000 needed. Significant spending on the bells has also been identified.

Your church and PCC needs increasing support from giving, raising money and involvement.

We claim Gift Aid on money from collections and regular giving. If you pay tax, please consider a monthly bank payment so we can claim Gift Aid. You can contact me at

Tony Kyle
Treasurer Fitzhead Church

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