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Steven Wort

Hedgerow Chaplain in October

We now look forward to the tenth month which really is a turning point in the seasons of the year. Since 21 September and the Autumnal Equinox we have gradually started to move into the beginnings of Winter. The light of day grows shorter and the nights longer. During the whole of the month the daylight will gradually shorten by around two hours.

Luckily, we also enter the season of hot puddings, warming stews, jacket potatoes and such wonderful warming meals. Apple day! This is on the 21 October, celebrating everything connected with Apples. Drink up thy zider!

It is also that time of year for us to celebrate and thank God for the many other rich fruits, berries, nuts and cereal crops that we have been able to harvest to see us through the cold dark winter.

Huge thanks go to the ever hard-working farmers for their seemingly never ending labour in the fields!

It is a season for us to remember those that have gone before us, and to be aware of death, as with many plants, trees and flowers that also die down for the winter in the circle of life.

It is a good time for our own inner reflection, to look back and use the Wisdom we have gained over the Spring, Summer and Autumn to prepare us for the Winter and the new following year.

Let us learn from that experience and pray that we may be strengthened to not forget our neighbours, but help them, support them with God’s guidance. We are one human, on one planet. Let us live together as one in peace and harmony.

We have at this particular time in our lives, a very special reason to be thoughtful of the departed.

Many of us will be praying and contemplating the recent parting of our glorious Queen Elizabeth II. The wondrous way she led us for so many years, a major part of all our lives, an amazing Monarch. You Will Forever Remain Alive In Our Hearts.

God Bless the Queen.

This month the Full moon is on 9 October at 21.54 hours and is called the Hunters Moon. So called because of the bright light it gives at this time of the year, which works as an aid for the poachers and night time hunters.

Clocks change from BST to GMT on the 30 October and go back 1 hour at 02.00 hours, giving us that extra hour in bed!

The October Pilgrimage walks will be on Saturday 15 October and Tuesday 18 October.  It is the same walk for both days and will start at Heathfield Church 10am. The distance is around 3 miles and will take about 2 to 2.5 hours.

Do please let me know if you are coming or have any questions about the walk.

Steven Wort
Email or call on 07557 958013 or 01823 400232

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