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Hedgerow Chaplain in September

As this is a celebration of my first year as Hedgerow Chaplain and of taking the Pilgrimage Walks, there will be an ITV News, West Country Correspondent and Cameraman joining us for the walk on the 20 September. Reverend Helene Stainer will also be with us.

The September Pilgrimage Walks are on Saturday 10 September and Tuesday 20 September meeting at St Michaels Church Milverton at 10am. The route is around the fields and lanes of Milverton and is a walk of about 3.5 miles with a time of approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. It is quite an easy walk with a few slopes and stiles, but none too strenuous for the averagely fit person.

You will notice that there are two walks this month. The extra one is on a Saturday to allow for those who work through the weekdays and are unable to join us on our normal Tuesday walk.

The concept of these pilgrimage walks is very simply to take church outside of the church building and to be closer to God in his Natural Church, with the trees, flora and fauna all around us. A New, Fresh and Different way of feeling His spirituality!

The walk is open to those who still enjoy a service within the church building, those who are not too sure about services in church, those who might like to learn a little more about Christianity and Celtic Christianity or those who would just like to come along for a walk in our beautiful Somerset countryside! Open to all!

You are invited to bring along any poetry, contributions of prose, reflections, observations of His creation and natural surroundings as we celebrate the seasons and all that is around us.

We also have open prayers or during a period of silent walking, time to speak to God with our own prayers. We also look to each other, to learn and understand how we can be more mindful and be better people to take more care and have a greater understanding of our family, friends and neighbours.

For me, it is a ministry that journeys from church, into the community, the highways, byways, fields, woods and holy wells, and to sense and feel God, being as we are, part of his amazing creation.

As well as getting closer to God for you, it is also your own personal pilgrimage, to use for your health and wellbeing, to find and learn more about nature, ecology, how to really use your five senses to appreciate what is around you and to understand and feel the real natural world.

If you would like to join the group on either walk, or have any questions, do please contact me.

Mobile or text on 07557 958013
Phone on 01823 400232
Facebook at Hedgerow Chaplain

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