Fitzhead Village
Helene and Sandra

From the Vicarage in September

It may come as a surprise to some of you that not all of our ministry is on Sundays, in church, visiting etc.

This month for Sandra Lee and myself it is about facing and overcoming a challenge and raising funds for a charity close to our hearts. This is as much about expressing our faith as our ministering to individuals and leading services; faith in action!

We are in training for Trek26, a sponsored walk along the coast path of South Devon, described as undulating and beautiful, but after the twenty-fifth mile we may not be admiring the view. All this takes place on 10 September, I am doing 26 miles so will be starting at 6am, Sandra, as well as some of our other friends will be starting between 8am and 9am as they are, wisely, walking the 13 mile route.

So why are we doing this? To raise money of course! This is for The Alzheimer’s Society as dementia is so prevalent in our community, amongst friends and family….very few of us have been fortunate enough to have never come across dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society is committed to research to beat this disease, to provide local services to those needing support and to campaign for those living with dementia on their behalf.

So as you reach for your banking app or your purse…. donations may be made in cash to the Parish Office at the Vicarage Milverton, or via Just searching for Helene Stainer (with a nice sea view that I won’t have the energy to admire) and donate what you can…it will keep us motivated and you will be helping others who face the challenges of dementia.

Thank you all for your support

Every blessing


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