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More matches made for Ukrainian refugees

We now know of 10 hosts matched with refugees, 5 in Milverton, 5 in the Wivey/Ford area comprising 33 refugees in total, 16 adults and 17 children, and at the time of writing a number of other hosts have begun discussions. It is a fast changing situation! There are some accounts of more recently applied for visas arriving quicker than those applied for in the first wave; the range is something like from 1 week to 5 weeks and counting.

If you’re thinking of hosting and you haven’t filled in our form yet – please do so.

The matching process

To date the most successful route has been through the Homes for Ukraine Taunton Hosts Facebook group. If you’re ready to get matched do register with them, you do not have to join Facebook to do so. The team of volunteer administrators there are doing an amazing job. It’s very helpful for them to hear of hosts near each other who can take families or friends who want to be in the same area.

We’ve recently heard of a successful match made with Opora and some are waiting to hear from Sanctuary Foundation. However a match is made, all hosts need to register with the government.

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