Fitzhead Village
Helene Stainer

From the Vicarage in June

Back in February we had a very special Evensong in St. Michael’s Church, with In Ecclesia singing, as we celebrated the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth becoming our Queen and now our community celebrates the 70 years of servanthood and public duties that she has given.

Our community is celebrating with bunting, music, food and drink, together, just as the Queen has asked us to do. As we spend this whole year celebrating the Queen’s amazing reign, I suggest we reflect on her whole life of service; we may celebrate with crowns and gatherings as she wants us all to do, but I am always amazed at her commitment and service to others, her concern for all people and her role as a Christian in all that she does.

As well as the street parties and celebrations let us honour her in the best way we can, by welcoming and caring for those having to leave their own countries, by committing ourselves to our community and all its people, by serving people, caring for people and caring for our world.


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