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Fabulous Fitzhead Flower Festival 2022

Fitzhead Fabulous Flower Festival 2022Free for all! in St James’ Church the weekend of Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June with splendid teas at the Old Rectory on the Sunday.

Everyone of all ages is invited to join in celebrating the beauty of the natural world around us and especially flowers.

From the smallest daisy posy in a jam jar to the most extravagant garden arrangement, we welcome your contributions. The Flower Girls (who decorate the church all year round) will take up their usual positions and there will be tables across the pews to display all yours!

There is no theme so whether supporting Ukraine in yellow and blue or going for just greenery or bought bunches, the choice is yours – anonymously or with your names, totally up to you.

The church will be open all weekend (as it is every day) to take in the floral celebration and the People’s Choice Prize will be awarded over tea at the Old Rectory on Sunday 19 June 3pm to 5pm

Please email if interested so we can plan the space.

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