Fitzhead Village
Helene Stainer

From the Vicarage in May

This will be brief as it is being written on Easter weekend, a time of retelling the story of Jesus’s last days, all that He went through and then his death on the cross and of course his resurrection, a new beginning for Christianity and at a time when we see signs of new life all around us.

I am also aware that, for many of us, we hope that “normal” life will also return. But, we come to this point feeling tired, many groups and organisations are struggling to find the people with enthusiasm to keep them going, many events are slowly grinding into action rather than springing forth like they did in the old days!

These are no longer those days, and our lives have all changed for ever.

Your community needs you, your public spaces need you, your local businesses need you and dare I say, your church needs you too.

But, as with the resurrection of Christ, we see signs of new life and new hope.

New people; people prepared to give it a go; gradual returns to self confidence means that… Yes! Milverton Street Fair is back, Yes! Fitzhead Fete returns, and yes, new celebrations are being planned. The Jubilee plans are going with great gusto, local people are preparing to welcome Ukrainian people to our community, and many events are returning to our calendars in an adapted form.

We can do this, we can become the communities we hope to be, we are part of the new way and new growth of this season, thank you all for being part of this….


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