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Hedgerow Chapline April update

Welcome to this wonderful month, when spring is really singing its’ happy tune! Or, rather the birds are!  Dawn choruses abound in the hedgerows, up in the trees, with morning and evening being the best times to hear them.

There are two new moons this month, on the 1 April and the 30 April. The first is in Aries, which is thought to pertain to creativity, fun and courage. 1 April, April Fools Day. This is the day for pranksters…beware!

Palm Sunday on the 10 April takes us into Holy Week with Lent ending on 14 April and Good Friday 15 April.

The Full Moon is on 16 April at 1955 and called the Budding, New Shoots or Seed Moon. Names all relevant to the growth and vitality of what is happening in nature this month. It is also called the Paschal Moon, the time in the calendar to decide the date for Easter Day, which is the first full moon after the Spring or Vernal Equinox, from which Easter is then celebrated on the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon! There you have it!

Easter Sunday 17 April one of those really special moments! Up at dawn, standing alongside the Easter fire, watching the sun rise, the feeling that something special is happening. Lighting the candles and processing into the church to  celebrate the new dawn, the new beginning!

The Queen’s Birthday is on the 21 April born 1926 and she will be aged 96. The 23 April is both St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s Birthday.

The second new moon on 30 April at 9.28pm in Taurus, suggests that it is a good time to plan practical projects!

Have a wonderful month and enjoy the newness and growth all around!

The Pilgrimage Walk for April will be on Tuesday 19 April at 10.30am. Meet at St James Fitzhead for a walk of 4 miles and around 2.5 Hours. Please call me to let me know you are coming or if you have any questions.

Steven Wort

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