Fitzhead Village

Running our churches

Just like all our local groups and organisations we are aware that, as we approach our Annual Church meetings in the Spring, many of our long running PCC members are tired, have faced changes due to the pandemic, or have moved away to be closer to family. We are all grateful for the incredible work and dedication they have given in supporting the building and maintaining a presence in our community.

This is the time for us all to think and pray about what we might be able to offer our churches, both buildings and communities, as we face more challenges in the future. Please pray about this, share your thoughts with others, ask the Vicar Helene, Curate Emma, Chaplain Sandra or Lynn in the Parish Office, for more information.

God calls us, take time to listen to that calling, and help move us forward in doing God’s work in our villages and beyond no matter how secure we are in our faith or how uncertain we are…what do you have to offer that might help?


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