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Hedgerow Chaplin in March

March, a very busy month for the move into early spring, festivals of saints, the journey of ourselves that is Lent, a time when it should get a lot warmer to enable spring to show off all of its wonderful glories of nature, growth, beauty, colour and for us, happiness as the winter subsides!
Starting the month on the 1 March is St Davids Day, patron saint of Wales.
Shrove Tuesday, the day to confess and be cleared of your sins before Lent. It is also the day before we traditionally gave up meat and dairy, as well as the eggs and fat, hence the Pancakes!
Following on the 2 March we then move into Lent, not just for giving up things, but maybe to try and help our neighbours and friends. Do good deeds, smile more!
The 17 March brings us St Patrick’s Day, the man that told us to ‘do the little things’. He also used the Shamrock to teach us how three can be one, as is the Trinity.
The Full Moon of 18 March at 7.17am, is called the Plough or Lentern, which means spring and possibly transposed over to our Lent period in the calendar. Chaste Moon is another, referring to the purity of the spring season.
On the 21 March we have the Vernal Equinox, or as we know it better, spring!
In Pagan times the Goddess Ostara or Eostre, would be looked upon as the bringer of spring and dawn. The word Easter may well have developed from her.
We will hear more of Ostara in April when she has her day.
As an added point of interest, pre 1752, the 25 March used to be New Years day before the calendars were changed from Julian to Gregorian.
The 25 March in modern times is also that very important day, ‘Mothering Sunday’. Various stories abound as to what it actually means, but why not just take it as an opportunity to spoil ‘mum’ for all of the things she has done for us!
The clocks move forward an hour on the 27 March, taking away an hour of sleep, but giving us that extra light in the bright spring mornings.
Apart from these busy dates and all that they bring, you will be seeing spring appearing in all of its wonderful guises. The birdsong calling for mates and territory, butterflies, daffodils, primroses and violets in all their beauty and joy. You will also see the farmers out early, busy ploughing and planting crops.
A wonderful month to really look forward to and enjoy!
The Pilgrimage Walk for March will be on Tuesday 15 March at 10.30am. Meet at St Michael’s Church Milverton for a walk of 3.5 miles and about 3 hours.
Please do call me to let me know you are coming or if you have any questions.
Steve Wort

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