Fitzhead Village

Rambling Robin Trail

There are 20 decorated robins hidden around Fitzhead, follow the clues to find them. It’s a 3km circular route around the village, mostly following local footpaths and ending at St James’ Church. Robins will be out until 8 January.

The trail starts opposite Cridlands and ends at the church. The robins are numbered and can be found in that order. Covid rules require a face covering to be worn in the church if there are others in the building. Please sign in and use the hand sanitiser.

If you have enjoyed the trials, donations welcome for Taunton Open Door, a day care centre for Taunton’s homeless community. For information and to donate online go to Open Door.

  1. Robin St Cruiz, by Heinrich Laage – Time for a quick drink of water before we start the trail?
  2. Cupid, by Isla Stephenson, aged 9 – Howzat!
  3. Roxy, by Connie Burton, aged 9 – No cows allowed
  4. by Emily Dempsey, aged 8 – Trunk road hidey-hole
  5. by Beatrice Jennings, aged 4 – Bushels of apples and mistletoe too
  6. Bacardi, by Seth Burton, aged 13 – Shed loads of Ivy but no sign of Holly
  7. by Margi Vile – Perfect spot, beneath the pot
  8. Robin Williams, by Nic Werner – From my woodland view, it’s gate, set and match
  9. by Henry Sweatman, aged 6 – What can you see, at fir tree number three?
  10. Twiggy, by the Clear family – Lucky charm at the barn
  11. Sparkle, by Eleanor Turnham-Coombes, aged 7 – What an eggscellent hiding place
  12. by Eleanor Sweatman, aged 9 – Marking the way to Helviers Lane
  13. Robin Hood, by Live Laage, aged 11 – Waiting for a bus since 1904, take a pew
  14. “Holy Christmas Batman” by Anoushka aged 12, Rafael aged 10 and Felix aged 1 – It’s not the Bat Phone, but Commissioner Gordon can call us here
  15. Rainbow Robin, by Megan Sully, aged 9 – Enjoy the peace and quiet before the rowdy rooks return
  16. “The cold never bothered me anyway”, by Louise Martin – My fishing friend likes this watery place
  17. by Ben Vile, aged 3 – Just pottering around
  18. Batman, by Daisy Brewerton, aged 9 – The Caped Crusaders taking shelter in the Litchgate
  19. Robin, by Roisin Brewerton, aged 14 – The Caped Crusaders taking shelter in the Litchgate
  20. Robyn, by Sue Webber – Tiptoeing past the Triptych on my way to visit St James

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