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Jam jars

Swift Lodge preserves

It is time to empty the Swift Lodge Preserves Factory of the many preserves cluttering up Janet’s shelves. There will be chutneys, mild and mellow, or with the bite of chilli or maybe Indian spicing and a couple of new pickles. There will be tangy Autumn jellies, a few Apple or Plum butters, and her favourites, Damson or Quince Cheeses, now in small 100 ml jars.

As an experiment she hopes to get her whole exotic spices out of the cupboards soon to roast and grind them to make small jars of either Curry powder or Garam Masala. If you haven’t tried these freshly prepared Indian condiments, well, you may be surprised by the difference in taste and smell from the old supermarket stuff. However, there will only be a few small jars available so it will be first come, first served.

The Swift Lodge Preserves Warehouse, aka the garage at 4 Tithe Meadow, will open on Sunday 19 December from 2pm to 4 pm. This year Janet will again be selling everything in aid of the Taunton Food Bank and if you would like to make any cash donations on the day, she is happy to take everything down to the food bank afterwards. I was rather shocked to find, on her last visit in October, that the Food Bank has had to move to larger premises because of higher demand. Please bring plenty of change!

Thank you Fitzhead!

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