Fitzhead Village

From the Vicarage in December

Well here we are, another year and another countdown to Christmas, another winter where snow is already being debated, extreme cold, high costs and lack of turkeys will spoil our Christmas…but will it?

Last year we all thought that this year would be different…the end of 2020 saw our plans thwarted and changed. The restrictions spoilt our Christmas, this year we are going to make up for it!

Last year our Christmas celebrations were different, and I expect this year may well be different too. But these are the foundations of this season that never change…loving, giving, caring, memory making, concern for those less fortunate, sharing, Kindness.

I want to take you back to that first Christmas and the birth of Jesus…none of that turned out quite as Mary and Joseph had expected, but all of those basic qualities were there, the care of Joseph, the kindness of the innkeeper, the giving of the wise men, the sharing of the angels, the concern from the shepherds, the love of Mary… and the way this story has been shared and remembered through history.

Our celebrations are what we make them, whether at big family gatherings, partying or quietly thinking of others at home, but whatever we do to make memories this year remember to add to your Christmas list…

  • Love
  • Give
  • Care
  • Concern
  • Be Kind

With blessings,


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