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Broadband delay

I recently received notification from Airband of a delay in the broadband rollout despite the progress that has been made on installing the network cables on the telegraph poles around the village. To quote directly the feedback from the Airband Liaison Officer:

“The reasons for the delay in the roll out of fibre in this area is primarily due to issues in another cluster, C10. One of the reasons is our new design contractor uses a design software that is not compatible with ours and therefore has caused a month delay in regard to migration with each one. Other issues are the backhaul of the network that will bring the fibre core to your area. Although the fibre has been installed, the backhaul comes from our C8 cluster and we are waiting for a CAB power date and connection. This has only just been signed off by SCC.”

The upshot of this delay seems to be that the go-live for the broadband won’t be now until 3 to 4 months later in summer 2022. I will relay any further feedback I receive, and please let me know if you pick anything up from contractors etc.

Best regards and patience!

David Simonson

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  1. @David Simonson
    Not sure if this applies to all Fitzhead postcodes, however BT are now offering FTTP superfast broadband. I have an installation booked for late October. BT’s pricing is considerably better than Airband

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