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From the Vicarage in October

I find one of the best way of thinking, praying, talking and listening is to walk… I am not a great one for meetings (especially not the meetings that meet to plan another meeting!) but I am much happier having impromptu conversations on the move.

I have recently been out and about on a mini pilgrimage, visiting churches, shops, cafés, pubs, talking to people on the way and enjoying the nature around me and praying as I go. This hasn’t just been for the fun of it (but much more fun than meetings!). The church, like many organisations and institutions, face many changes post pandemic and my role has been to talk to people, church people and non-church people to see how the church members can serve their community better.

These are the type of questions I have been asking…..

  • What do you value most about your church as part of your community?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing your community?
  • How can church members support the challenges the community face?

I would love you to join in with the debate; if you have ideas and thoughts to share please email, or drop a note into the Vicarage post box in Parsonage Lane, Milverton.

We all face changes and challenges at the moment….I recommend taking time out to walk and talk and experience your surroundings, feel refreshed, feel renewed and see where God takes you. Feel blessed by the colours and wonders of Autumn and harvest-time.

As with any walking I do, this pilgrimage (total over 150 miles) will also be raising funds for the Trussell Trust(supporting our Foodbanks). Please donate to this good cause.


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  1. 1, What do you value most about your church that It is open 7 days a week for the community and visitors to pray and meet their God to also look for relatives and have happy memories for the part the church has played in their lives.
    2, What are the biggest challenges facing the community change due to Covid and services likely to disappear, Tea room, garage, butchers up for sale and the co-op moving to another location.
    3, How can church members support the challenges the community face, By being there within the community out there alongside with them communicating with them and helping them through their fears, problems, and isolation as they become disconnected through technology.

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