Fitzhead Village

Fitzhead safari fair funds

Thank you sooooooooooo much to all who managed to come to our fair, for however long. It was far more successful than we imagined it might be and we were lucky that the rain stayed away.

Between all the participants we raised:

  • Puzzles, games and refreshments £117.16
  • Handicrafts £130.00
  • Jams and chutneys £273.50
  • Books £74.25
  • Posies £73.70
  • Tea and cake £224.80
  • Cake £100.00
  • Tombola £147.51
  • Beauty, bathroom and spin the wheel £74.00
  • Hair sparkles £44.00
  • Donations £70.00

Total = £1258.92

We also have at least £70 in donations, so we are over the £1300 mark.

Bob was wandering round and has taken some lovely photographs. Before they can be put into a newsletter we need to check if there is anyone that might be ‘on’ them who would rather NOT have their image publicised. The pictures will also be going on the village Instagram account. If you object, please let Mandy know.

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