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My name is Bob Dysart, and I administer the email list for the Fitzhead Lunch Club. We are now in a position to restart this social meet, on the last Thursday of each month, at the New Inn in Halse.

The Fitzhead Lunch Club was established to provide villagers and their friends with a monthly social lunch in a convivial environment. The lunches are usually held at 12.30pm on the last Thursday of each month.

Reminders of each lunch are sent via email to those who have registered an interest, one week before each lunch date. There is no kind of ongoing commitment required.

The menu offer that has been made is as follows:


  • £15 for two courses
  • £20 for three courses



  • soup with a roll and butter


A choice of:

  • lasagne with salad and garlic bread – vegetarian version also available
  • chilli and rice, with salad and garlic bread
  • fish and chips (there is a fryer capacity issue, if everyone wants one it will be done as a staggered serving)

Dessert options:

  • cheesecake
  • ice cream
  • cheese board (with a £2 paid supplement)

If you opt for a two course Lunch Club meal, there is also a further choice of desserts from the newly-opened Cafe menu at the pub. Note that these other desserts would be subject to availability, and the prices would be from the Cafe menu. Naturally if you wish to have a drink, these are available as well at the standard pub prices.

So, for our first new meeting the details are:

Lunch meeting: Thursday 29 July at 12:30pm
Location: The New Inn, Halse
Booking via phone on 01823 432352
Email at
Closing date for booking: Saturday 24 July.

Details needed for your booking: Your name and phone number, plus your menu choices. Make sure that the person receiving the booking understands that you are booking seats as a Fitzhead Lunch Club member.

Please note that until COVID rules change, we will be limited to tables of 6 people, but that may change to allow larger tables in the future. If for any reason you cannot make a booking before the closing date, you will still be very welcome, but you will need to order from the standard Pub or Cafe menu.

If you have any further questions about the lunch club, please email me at:

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