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Dear Fitzheadians,

I just want to say that I have the usual range of summer jams ready for the Safari Fair on Saturday 24 July, as well as small pots of Chilli Pepper Jelly, a fruity Spring Rhubarb Chutney and a lovely fresh Apricot Chutney which I think will be ready for a of Summer BBQ, going well with your BBQ’d pork, chicken and lamb. I know some of you are waiting impatiently for Tomato Chilli Jam, but I’m afraid you’ll be waiting for some time to come as the outdoor tomato plants in my garden are nowhere near ready.

Any donations for the stall, especially fresh produce will be very welcome. However, given the strange growing season this year and the slow growth of all my vegetable plants, I’m resigned to not having any fresh produce!

Most jars will be the usual £2.50, but I am selling some of last Autumn’s chutneys, still good, for £1 to try and free up space in my cupboard. Please bring plenty of change and your own bags as usual. If you can’t immediately see the stall in Tithe Meadow, it’s because the rain forecast for Saturday, has sent me into our garage, with doors open, to take cover. Our address is 4 Tithe Meadow if you didn’t already know.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

All the best

Janet Weeks

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