Fitzhead Village

From the Vicarage in June

As people are gradually coming out of lockdown many have commented on how tired/changed/frail their friends are looking…….well, we haven’t seen some of our friends since March 2020, and that is a long time… we might not have noticed these changes if we had been meeting up regularly.

For some people there have been many changes, stresses, worries, with no one to share them with. Some people have faced physical changes, health issues, family additions and partings, new friends, friends who have moved away or friends who have become strangers in some ways.

I know that many of us are struggling with our physical and emotional/spiritual wellbeing at present, and nobody can make it all get better or return to that past ‘normal’. So what can we do?

First I suggest we check-in with ourselves. ”How do I feel?” “What changes have I faced?”, “Am I OK?”.
Be honest with yourself.

Only then can we ask others how they are in a meaningful way….I do not believe anyone has come out of these long periods of lockdown unchanged.

Share your stories, listen to each other, be honest about how you feel and what support you need and remember we are in this together.

My prayer is that we can all pull together, do what we can, and be kind to each other.

We have all faced a difficult year and it will take a year to recover… if not longer!

We move forward together.

The past is done; the future is ours with God’s help.

A reminder that, as we hopefully begin to return to normal, if you find that the Pandemic has caused you unexpected financial hardship, there is still discreet help available from the fund set up by this community for the community at this time. Contact Helene on 01823 400305 or email or message 07707 198937 for a confidential conversation about the help you need or speak to the village agent.


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