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Online security action plan

Your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone is your ‘front door’ to your online world and personal life.

And just like your front door at home, you wouldn’t let anyone in who you did not know, or give your keys to a stranger, nor be fooled by the unexpected or unsolicited doorstep ‘caller’.

By comparison, the Internet brings better opportunities to criminals and scammers, as they can operate remotely and avoid all the personal risks and effort associated with burglary or ‘door stepping’.

To help you assess your own vulnerability, or that of your business, the National Cyber Security Centre have prepared an online self assessment test – that will create an action plan for you.

In addition, to fixing your online ‘front door’, it’s important to recognise that online and door step scams have the same three step structure.

  1. Arrive unexpectedly with seeming authenticity.
  2. Present a scenario/story that places you in unexpected jeopardy, or wealth, that requires your immediate attention to avoid further danger or loss.
  3. Provide a quick, easy and instant solution that only requires you to provide your personal financial details; or direct payment; or passwords; or direct control of your device !!!!! BEWARE !!!!!

If you receive anything suspiciously like this, please report this on the Action Fraud website where you can login as ‘guest’ and help protect others.

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