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Caravan security

As the restrictions around Covid-19 are being eased and many people are looking at ‘staycations’ rather than holidays aboard, caravans are becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, criminals have also noticed this, so please take steps to increase the security of your vans.

Secured By Design is the official police security initiative which provides a recognised standard for all security products, and a recent addition to this listing is Caravan iD. This scheme provides an individual identification number for your caravan and motor home that can be checked to see if it has been stolen.

Other similar products are also available on the Secured By Design website. All these products are police approved products.

How to prevent caravan theft

Caravans left on sites, parked on driveways and even static caravans can be a target for thieves. Newer models are likely to be more desirable to criminals, but it does not mean that older models are not at risk too.

You can take some simple measures to keep your caravan safe. See our nine top advice tips to consider each measure in isolation, but we recommend using a combination of physical and technical caravan security together.

Top tips for caravan security

  1. Fit physical security and a caravan cover-fit a combination of a hitch lock anti-theft device and wheel clamps, as a physical barrier to theft is always a clear deterrent. Secured By Design (SBD)approved ground anchors with a high attack rating is another option to be considered.
  2. CCTV can be a deterrent and help protect both your vehicle and caravan. It is important to remember that you must comply with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
  3. If your caravan is parked on the drive consider closing any gates at night or when you are not using your vehicle. If you don’t have gates, a vehicle bollard will provide an extra visible deterrent.
  4. Using a caravan cover and installing an alarm makes any theft more difficult and your caravan less attractive. Fit an SBD approved tracking device so the caravan can be traced if stolen. SBD have several members which specialise in this area and can advise on the best system and fitting of the product for your caravan.
  5. Keep a record of serial numbers, chassis and model numbers and take note of any custom marks on the caravan or trailer. Take colour photographs from several angles and additionally take videos with a smartphone if possible, including roof markings. If stolen, being able to track and identify your caravan or trailer is vital.
  6. Security marking your caravan using an SBD recognised forensic asset marking is another highly effective, visible deterrent to thieves and an established method of reducing theft.
  7. Lock all windows and doors every time you leave your caravan – it takes minutes for a thief to search through a caravan and their job is made simpler if they can get in easily.
  8. Ensure the roof light and gas compartment is locked.
  9. Never leave personal or valuable items in your caravan. CCTV can be a deterrent and help protect both your caravan and home. It is important to remember that you must comply with the requirements of GDPR.

Secured by Design is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK. A list of Secured by Design member companies that have security products which have achieved our Police Preferred Specification can be found on the Secured by Design website.

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