Fitzhead Village

New tree in the churchyard

A new tree has been planted (provided by Cilla Owens) in the churchyard as a replacement for the tree the village planted to commemorate the Golden Jubilee in 2012. Sadly, that tree has died because it was ringed barked by a strimmer. The replacement tree – a Sorbus Aria Lutescens – has been protected to prevent it being damaged again. And the commemorative plaque has been remounted on an old Elizabethan slate curb stone by Graham Owens and David Grabham, which it is hoped will last for a few hundred years! The last wooden mount has rotted out already.

Please go along and have a look.

When you go along to look at the new tree, hopefully you will notice how much ‘tidier’ the churchyard is. Ian Jonas has been busy tidying, getting rid of lots of ‘overgrowth’ and has ‘made’ a compost heap in the far corner so, instead of grass cuttings being left all over, they can be composted and used in the future.

Thank you Ian

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